You're going to want to add these to your cleaning cabinet, ASAP. 

By Katie Holdefehr
September 24, 2019
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Even if you're a cleaning aficionado, there's likely a clever cleaning tool or two you haven't tried yet. Here, we've rounded up some brilliant cleaning gadgets you may not be familiar with, but that you'll be glad you introduced to your cleaning stash. From a minimalist Cuban mop, to the gunk-scraping tool Real Simple editors have sworn by for years, these lesser-known cleaning tools are the ones you'll soon be raving about to fellow neatniks. Opt for any of these cleaning gadgets and you'll probably find yourself wondering, How have I not tried this before?

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Grout and Sliding Door Scrub Brush

If you're using an old toothbrush to de-gunk the grout in your bathroom, upgrading to this specialized brush will save you time and elbow grease. The long, thin scrub brush can clean more grout at one time, making quick work of a time-consuming task. Bonus: the brush is also well-designed to clean the track of sliding glass doors. 

To buy: $13,


Cuban Mop

While old-fashioned yarn mops are bulky and modern mops with disposable sheets are wasteful, the Cuban mop could be the answer. The lightweight wooden base forms a T, and a small clean towel (either wet or dry) is wrapped around the bar to form a mop. When you're done cleaning, the dirty towel can be tossed in the washing machine. 

To buy: $12,


Rubber Lint Brush

Lint brushes with tear-off adhesive sheets are convenient, but if you want a less wasteful way to de-fuzz your outfit, sofa, or window curtains, opt for a rubber lint brush. Rinse the rubber bristles with water and this lint brush will last forever. 

To buy: $27,

Nordic Ware

Bundt Pan Brush

Okay, hear us out—a bundt pan scrub brush sounds oddly specific, but this detail-focused scrubber can be used to scour the nooks and crannies of all types of bakeware. Your mini muffin tins, cookie cutters, ramekins, and yes, bundt pans, will sparkle. 

To buy: $7.50,


Gunk Scraper

The Lil Chizler has been a favorite among Real Simple editors for years now, but this scraper designed to apply vinyl wraps and decals technically wasn't intended to be a cleaning tool. But that doesn't stop it from scraping away gunk from the edges of sinks and helping remove stuck-on food from our kitchen counters. 

To buy: $3,