The Versatile Cordless Vacuum That Sucks Dirt, Dust, and Crumbs 'Into Oblivion' Is on Sale for $120

It has 4,800 five-star ratings on Amazon so far.

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Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, whall 22Kpa Suction 250W Brushless Motor Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleane

Anyone who designates a full day to cleaning probably doesn't just vacuum the floors. You also want to do a thorough job of removing debris from everything inside your home, including dust on furniture, crumbs hidden in the couch, and pet hair on the floors. While not every vacuum can do all three tasks, Amazon shoppers confirm that the Whall Cordless Vacuum Cleaner can. It transforms into three different cleaning gadgets and is on sale for $120 with a hidden coupon.

With 250 watts of power and three suction modes, the cordless vacuum can tackle dirt-ridden areas in your space with ease. Because you can customize the amount of power needed for each task, the gadget can suck up small dust particles from fabric curtains on low (yes, without pulling in the drapes) and also get larger bits, like your kids' dried Fruity Pebbles, off the sofa. All you have to do is detach the top from the vacuum's body to use it as a handheld device, making it a versatile option you'll use constantly.

Whall Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

To buy: $120 with coupon (was $200);

As a handheld cleaner, the battery-powered vacuum can work with the traditional brushroll head or a compact brush attachment that sucks up gunk in tight spots. You can even extend the vacuum stick, allowing you to reach cobwebs in ceiling corners or nasty dust around air vents.

You'll be equally impressed while cleaning your floors. The vacuum is super adaptable because it can clean different flooring, like tile, laminate, wood, and low-pile carpeting. How? Its hard-working brushroll pulls in pet hair and rubbish with its V-shaped design that's made with both soft and rigid bristles. And those stiffer bristles come in handy over rugs as it wriggles hard-to-clean bits stuck within the carpet fibers.

If you've ever missed tiny dirt specks or thin dust, you're not the only one. Those pesky buggers are simply hard to spot, but that won't be an issue with this cordless vacuum—the head has a row of LED lights at the front that illuminate dark areas and corners, so you can get it all without squinting. One shopper said they love the light feature because it allows them to "watch dust get sucked into oblivion."

Tiny particles are tricky to trap, so you'll appreciate the Whall vacuum's cyclone-style filter system that separates lightweight debris from heavy pieces within the dust cup. Additionally, the built-in high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter ensures that microscopic pollen and dust mites that get sucked up don't end up back in the air. When you're ready to dump all that gunk, just unhinge the dust cup latch, and you're done.

The cordless vacuum is a favorite among Amazon shoppers who have pets and kids, which is why multiple people dub it a "workhorse." It's no wonder the vacuum has earned 4,800 five-star ratings so far.

In fact, a reviewer who prides themselves on keeping a clean house was shocked that the Whall vacuum sucked up a "tennis ball size of dust, crumbs, [and] hair." And while this vacuum isn't from a name brand, multiple shoppers said it works better than more expensive options from Dyson and Shark.

You can get the impressive Whall cordless vacuum at a great price while it's on sale with a coupon at Amazon. This deal won't last, so start shopping now.

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