Clean Your Entire Home in 'Half the Time' With the Ultra-Popular Shark Vacuum Mop That's Just $100

You can vacuum and mop your floors at the very same time.

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Shark VM252 VACMOP Pro Cordless Hard Floor Vacuum Mop with Disposable Pad

If you love finding two-in-one cleaning gadgets that will cut your vacuuming and mopping time in half, you might need to brace yourself after discovering this next home must-have. It may be hard to believe, but you can actually vacuum hard-surface floors and mop them at the same time with the clever Shark VacMop Pro Cordless Vacuum Mop. It's going for just $100 on Amazon, and you don't want to miss out.

Over 12,200 Amazon shoppers love the Shark VacMop Pro that does it all, and does it well for such a great price. Perfect for tile and hardwood flooring, the mopping vacuum uses powerful suction to pick up crumbs, pet litter, and hair, and the mop pad soaks up spills and even dries up messes. The power duo produces wow-worthy results and "works in half the time" it would if you were to vacuum and mop separately—it's why shoppers are never going back.

Shark VM252 VACMOP Pro Cordless Hard Floor Vacuum Mop with Disposable Pad

To buy: $100;

Unlike other disposable mop pad cleaners, the "effective and powerful" Shark VacMop actually sucks up dirt and debris (just like your heavy-duty vacuum) and traps it away in a dirt chamber hidden within the pad. It even comes with LED headlights to expose dust and hair hidden in corners and under furniture. And the best part is the cleaning pad is so thick, you'll never see those dust bunnies again.

The other great thing about the Shark vacuum mop is that you can vacuum one spot and once it's clean, mop it right then and there. If it sounds like the best time-saver, Amazon shoppers confirm that it is. To remove stuck-on-there dirt, use the spray mop function that loosens up gunk and absorbs it, making this device the "best thing ever." The appliance is even compatible with cleaning solutions to give you a total clean.

You'll love that the cordless mopping vacuum is extremely lightweight too, at only 5 pounds, so you can spruce up your kitchen, bathroom, and stairs without experiencing back aches or pains. Once you're done, just drop the dirty pad in the trash with its no-touch disposable lever before recharging it via the magnetic charger, so it can live to clean another day.

Shark VM252 VACMOP Pro Cordless Hard Floor Vacuum Mop with Disposable Pad

"I've now used this on my whole house and I love it!" writes one Amazon shopper. "The suction is awesome; all those little crevices that dirt always sticks in comes clean with the suction power. The spray mop is awesome and the cleaner leaves your floor clean and shiny. I quickly vacuum a spot and then go back and mop it. It takes half the time as before. And then, throwing away that gross pad at the end is very rewarding."

"I like how it scrubs the floor while also picking up small debris," writes another. "I also was impressed by the weight of VacMop, very easy to maneuver and not bulky. I have used it for small messes and kids bringing dirt into the house on their shoes, as well as cleaning entire floors of my house. Highly recommend trying the VacMop, I am positive you will be impressed just like I was."

Clean your home in less time and with less energy by getting the popular Shark VacMop Pro that's just $100 on Amazon.

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