Shoppers Dub This On-Sale Cordless Vacuum the 'Perfect Choice' for People With Joint and Back Pain

Thanks to one unique feature.

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Cleaning with a cordless vacuum makes tidying up a little bit easier, since there's no need to look for an outlet as you move from room to room or deal with tangled cords. But if you want a stick vacuum that will also go easy on your back to prevent tomorrow's aches and pains, you've got to look for one with a unique and lightweight design, like the Orfeld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. It has thousands of five star ratings on Amazon and is just $99 thanks to a hidden coupon.

Shoppers with arthritis, joint pain, and muscle strain love the cordless vacuum for its lightweight design and clever folding handle. Similar to other vacuums, the vacuum head can pivot 90 degrees from its upright position to a horizontal angle. However, the Orfeld stick takes it up a notch—the handle can also be folded inward, too, so you don't have to get down on your knees or bend down to clean under furniture.

vacuum cleaner

To buy: $99 with coupon (was $120);

Many cordless vacuums have the dust cup located at the top where the handle is. But this isn't ideal for those with hand pain, because the design forces users to push additional (and unnecessary) weight around as they clean. The Orfeld stick vacuum is built like a traditional upright cleaner with the dust container at the bottom, making it lighter on your hands. It also has a smooth swivel base that moves seamlessly around furniture while also letting you get into tight corners. It's no wonder one Amazon shopper called it the "perfect choice for the elderly and those with joint pain!"

The vacuum weighs just 5 pounds, which makes it easy to vacuum downstairs and lift it upstairs to clean a second floor. It's also impressive considering all it can do. In fact, the vacuum is equipped to clean most spaces continuously thanks to its battery power that provides up to 40 minutes of runtime.

With 120 watts of suction power, this cordless vacuum can remove tiny dust particles and dry pet food with just a few swipes. And it works on all kinds of floor surfaces, including tile, laminate, hardwood, carpets and area rugs. One shopper actually said, "Seriously, the suction is even better than my Dyson—no joke."

Want to clean more than just the floor? You don't need to get another gadget for that. This multi-use appliance transforms from a stick vacuum to a compact handheld vacuum, allowing you to suck up crumbs off upholstered chairs, dust lingering on curtains, and hair off your bed in a snap.

The Orfeld cordless vacuum has earned more than 3,000 five-star ratings from Amazon shoppers who have joint pain as well as children and pets. "This little beast packs a heavy punch," wrote one reviewer with two cats and a dog. Another who was specifically looking for a lightweight option said it "cleans like magic" and lets them vacuum the stairs "without any stress of having muscle pain."

Tackle dirty jobs pain-free with the popular Orfeld vacuum cleaner while it's on sale at Amazon.

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