The Power Scrubber Shoppers Call a 'Little Powerhouse' Cleans Dishes, Bathtubs, and Tile Like a Pro

And it’s just $22 on Amazon.

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Black + Decker Grimebuster Powered Scrubber

No matter what room you're deep cleaning, you can bet that you'll be spending a good amount of time wiping, washing, and scrubbing. While the end result is definitely rewarding, the journey there is generally paved with sweat and a lot of elbow grease—unless you ditch the gloves and sponge for an electric gadget. Intrigued? Check out the Black+Decker Grimebuster Powered Scrubber reviewers love—it does the work for you, and it's just $22.

Follow the hundreds of Amazon shoppers who opted for the Black+Decker power scrubber over all that manual work. The handy device is as impressive and versatile as they come—it can clean your dirty shower, grimy tile grout, and food-covered appliances with ease, and all you have to do is hold the scrubber up to the mess and press the "on" button. Easy peasy.

Black + Decker Grimebuster Powered Scrubber

To buy: $22;

Powered by four AA batteries, the brush cleaner scrubs away stuck-on debris with up to 160 revolutions per minute (RPM) along with its two tough brush attachments. The circular brush head is designed with durable bristles that wriggle off grease and particles while the heavy-duty multipurpose sponge cuts through dirt and grime, cutting down on your cleaning time, too.

Whether you're planning to use the spin brush cleaner for tasks in the kitchen or the bathroom, you'll love that the device is comfortable to hold. Reviewers confirm that it feels good in-hand and has an easy-to-grip design that prevents the power scrubber from slipping out of your hands while tackling the tub or bakeware. However, if it does fall, don't worry—the gadget can be submerged in water.

Shoppers love the electric spin scrubber and use it to clean everything around the house, including stained bathroom tile grout, food-splattered microwaves, air fryer baskets, dishes, messy countertops, and more. One reviewer who has arthritis called the Grimebuster a "little powerhouse," adding, "This little blessing does the best scrubbing with little effort on my part!" Someone who shared that they use the device to clean their bathroom confirmed that it "makes cleaning a breeze," while another simply said it "cleans and leaves everything shiny."

Save time and stop struggling to clean with your old toothbrush or scrub brush and get the Black+Decker Grimebuster power scrubber at Amazon. At just $22, it can't be beat.

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