This Hard-Working Spin Mop With Over 4,400 Five-Star Ratings Actually Scrubs Your Floors for You

And it’s on sale for just $88 at Amazon.

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Bissell SpinWave Expert Hard Floor Spin Mop Tout

Scrubbing difficult messes on your floors can certainly make you break a sweat—and even leave you sore the next day. Mopping shouldn't feel like a workout, and it doesn't have to thanks to the many hard-working cleaning gadgets on Amazon. One impressive mop in particular that does the hard work for you is the Bissell SpinWave Hard Floor Spin Mop, and it's on sale right now.

The Bissell spin mop is one of the most clever powered options on the market because it's designed with two durable rotating pads that scrub sticky substances, dirt, and pet accidents with the push of a button. The spin mop comes with two sets of microfiber pads to customize your cleaning: a coarse, scrubby option and a soft, plush one.

Once assembled, the pads rotate in opposite directions to buff out mud, pet stains, and scuffs, per shoppers. And when the area is all cleaned up, just toss the pads into the washing machine ahead of its next use.

Bissell SpinWave Expert Hard Floor Spin Mop

To buy: $88 (was $114);

Unlike traditional wring mops that essentially reuse the same dirty water to "clean," the Bissell mop sprays out fresh solution via the water trigger, so you can loosen up dried spills and stuck-on-there debris with ease—and without spreading any grossness around. And because it has an intuitive swivel design, you can clean under kitchen cabinets and along the wall without getting on your hands and knees.

Additionally, the mop's removable tank makes it a breeze to fill up and has a large capacity to clean your entire home without stopping. Yes, that includes all kinds of sealed flooring too, like tile, laminate, and pressed hardwood. People also use it to clean stained grout —and anyone who's attempted that feat knows the strenuous struggle it can be.

Shoppers confirm wet floors dry fairly quickly, too. In fact, one reviewer who called it a "mop and a floor buffer in one" said the buffing mechanism helps "dry your floors in a fraction of the time a mop takes," while another confirmed that the mop delivered a streak-free shine. And all of that while being "whisper quiet"? Sounds like a winner.

The Bissell spin mop has earned more than 4,400 five-star ratings from pet owners, parents, and homeowners alike. "Ive] never mopped the floors this easily," wrote one shopper who compared the experience to getting a "deep, deep cleaning." They even said, "My floors have never looked this clean."

A pet owner who also lives on a farm called the Bissell SpinWave a "total game changer." "This thing polished my floors like nothing I've ever used," they said, adding, "My floors are so clean, I can feel good about laying down and hugging them."

Now's the time to clean your floors without putting in the elbow grease and grab the Bissell SpinWave spin mop while it's on sale for $88.

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