This On-Sale Cordless Vacuum Has a Clever Handle That Saves You From Bending Down

No more crouching under the sofa or dining table.

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BISSELL, 3061 Featherweight Cordless Stick Vacuum

Experiencing lower back pain when vacuuming happens, especially if you slouch or are constantly bending to clean under furniture. Plus, crouching and contorting to reach elusive crannies can just be annoying. But a home spotless doesn't have to be a pain thanks to the Bissell FeatherWeight Cordless Stick Vacuum that has a unique handle designed to reach under furniture and potentially help prevent aches post-cleaning.

While no vacuum can actually guarantee a pain-free clean, shoppers who have lower back discomfort or suffer from pre-existing issues swear by this Bissell stick vacuum. In fact, one reviewer who can't push a traditional vacuum due to back problems loves this lightweight one. They even said, "It picks up cat hair better than my more expensive and heavier vacuum." And another fan simply said it is "easy on [their] lower back."


To buy: $112 (was $129);

The vacuum's handle has a clever folding design that bends inward, allowing you to clean under the sofa, dining table, and bed without crouching down. It also works as an extension of your arm, letting you get even further under hard-to-reach areas. Plus, it has a smooth swivel head and uses 10.5 volts of power to suction up everything in its path from pet hair to crumbs.

This cordless pick has a nifty brushroll that can transition between different floorings, including hardwood, tile, laminate, carpeting, and rugs with the push of a button. When the brushroll is on, the vacuum uses its impressive suction at full force, however, consider turning it off while targeting flat surfaces—the brushroll tends to push lightweight debris like dust and hair away from the mouth, giving you more work that you just don't need.

And anyone who loves a cleaning tool that tackles multiple jobs will appreciate its built-in hand vacuum. The handheld can pop right off the stick base to clean anything above the ground and works with an upholstery attachment to clean your sofa or bed and a crevice tool that has a narrow nozzle to get in tight spaces.

The vacuum has a runtime of 20 consecutive minutes and weighs just under 6 pounds, so you can take it from the kitchen to the living room and even up the stairs with ease. And when you're done, fold the vacuum's handle backwards for compact storing.

It's easy to see why the vacuum has earned more than 1,000 five-star ratings on Amazon so far. One pet owner who called it the "perfect cordless vacuum" wrote, "I was amazed at all the dust, hair, and sand it picked up" and even bought one for their son. Another person who has a cat confirms it sucks up feline hair and litter easily, and admitted they were "shocked at how much hair my old vac had missed."

Stop straining your back while vacuuming and get this Bissell stick option while it's on sale for less than $115 at Amazon.

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