The easiest way to tackle tough lipstick stains.

By Andra Chantim and Alexandra Gonzalez Repetto
Christopher Griffith

“Lipstick got smushed into my deep-pile carpet.” 

Monica J., via e-mail

The fix: First use a spoon to scoop up any solids, says Chris Hix, a product-care specialist at Shaw Floors, in Dalton, Georgia. Then dab a tiny amount of cleaning solvent, like WoolClean Dry Spot Remover #2 ($24 for two bottles, 800-367-0462), on a white cotton cloth, says Shawn Bisaillon, the owner of Professional Carpet Systems, in Superior, Colorado. Blot the mark, working from the outside in and alternating between the solvent cloth and a clean towel, until every trace of color has disappeared. Wait a few minutes. Fill a spray bottle with hot water and spritz the area until it’s saturated. Pat with a clean towel.

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