And, I just found my new favorite place to shop for cleaning supplies. 

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated April 05, 2019
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Grove Collaborative Cleaning Supplies in Kitchen
Credit: Grove Collaborative

Even though I'm a city dweller, the idea of ordering cleaning supplies online has always seemed a bit ridiculous to me. If you're going to have to go food shopping anyway, you may as well pick up some cleaning spray and dish detergent while you're there, right? Why wait a couple days for it to arrive, when you can pick it up yourself and save the cost of shipping? Ordering these little household essentials online just never seemed worth it—that is, until I recently tried out some cleaning sprays by Grove Collaborative.

Forget about the plastic spray bottle filled with a bright orange cleaning solution and a harsh chemical scent. At Grove Collaborative, they do things a little differently. The disposable plastic bottle gets upgraded to a reusable glass bottle with a colorful silicone sleeve in either pale yellow, periwinkle, sea foam green, or teal ($13;

Grove Collaborative Reusable Glass Bottle
Credit: Grove Collaborative

Then, to reduce plastic waste (and avoid shipping big, heavy bottles of cleanser), each cleaning concentrate comes in a small plastic tube. This way, when it's time for a refill, you throw away one small tube rather than a big plastic bottle. Add the concentrate to the glass bottle, then fill it with water and shake to combine. Start with the Cleaning Concentrate Essentials Set ($8; which comes with all-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, and tub and tile cleaner (or you can buy individual packs of each).

Grove Collaborative Cleaning Concentrates
Credit: Grove Collaborative

Maybe it's the adorable, pastel-colored packaging, or maybe it's the fresh orange and rosemary scent, but once I mixed up the all-purpose spray, I've never felt more inspired to clean every surface in my home. I intended to just do a quick wipe-down of my kitchen counter, and then put the bottle away. But when I stepped into the bathroom a moment later, I was inspired to grab the spray and give the whole room a quick clean. As someone who actively avoids cleaning at all costs, this was a first.

In the past, the terrible chemical smell of cleaning sprays was a big part of my cleaning avoidance (okay, and the elbow grease part), and discovering Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day several years ago was a game-changer. But since then, I haven't tried a cleaning product that compared. While nothing will replace my love for Mrs. Meyer's multi-surface cleaning concentrate in the geranium scent (it really is the best!), this orange and rosemary blend is a close contender. The next time checking off the tasks on your cleaning to-do list feels especially daunting, try sprucing up your routine with these luxurious supplies. They'll help make spring cleaning feel a little less like a chore.

Photos: Courtesy of Grove Collaborative