These cleaning products are game changers—and you already have some of them in your pantry.

By Amanda Lauren
Updated September 07, 2018
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Couple using cleaning products recommended by professional cleaners.
Credit: Maskot/Getty Images

Certain areas, from dirty surfaces in the bathroom to embedded grime in the kitchen, seem impossible to keep clean. But you don’t need to scrub harder. You just need some secret weapons. Here are eleven products that professional cleaners recommend. There’s no odor too stinky or surface too dirty for these game changers.

Olive Oil

Are fingerprints on your stainless steel fridge driving you crazy? Tried everything? An easy trick to get rid of them is to put a small drop of olive oil on a paper towel and buff it out.

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White Chalk

Oil spills and splatters can ruin your clothes, but that doesn’t mean they have to. Skip the stain removal sprays and use some plain white chalk instead. Rub it on the stain to absorb oil from food and other products. Then launder the item according to directions on the label.

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Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning is hard enough without cumbersome equipment. The Shark Rotator Freestyle Pro Cordless Vacuum weighs just 7.5lbs, making it a breeze to navigate around furniture. It also makes it easier to pull the vacuum instead of pushing it, which is the key to removing the most debris. A motorized brush helps lift away the pet hair which can be deeply embedded in carpets.

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Steam Cleaner

Steam can be magic when it comes to getting floors clean and sanitized. Unlike chemicals, steam doesn't leave any residue behind which can be dangerous to pets and kids. The Sienna Luna Steam Floor Cleaner uses micro pulse vibration technology to help glide the pad across the floor as well as loosen excess dirt. The 180-degree head makes it easy to get into tight spaces.

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Corn Starch

Corn Starch is a natural way to clean a variety of things. The fine texture is abrasive yet gentle. It can lift dirt and grime from windows and other glass surfaces, remove stains on clothing, and eliminate lingering kitchen odors.

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White Vinegar

White vinegar can help remove pesky water spots and mineral deposits on bathroom and kitchen fixtures such as faucets and shower heads. Soak a paper towel or microfiber cloth in the vinegar and let it sit for five to fifteen minutes. Then wipe down the surface.

For deep cleaning showerheads, pour vinegar in a plastic bag and tie it up so it is immersed. Leave soaking overnight. Then run the water in the morning to rinse everything clean.

White vinegar is also a great brightness booster in the laundry. Skip your regular detergent and use half a cup instead.

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Brillo Pads

Brillo pads aren’t just for cleaning pots and pans with baked on grease. You can use them for lots of things from getting rid of soap scum on glass shower doors to sharpening scissors, removing rust, and even taking scuff marks off floors.

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Clorox Toilet Wand

It’s no secret that toilet brushes are teeming with germs. Clorox Toilet Wands are a much better way to sanitize the bowl. Just attach a disposable sponge to the wand. Each refill is already pre-dispensed with the right amount of cleaning product to get your toilet sparkling. When you’re done—just press the button to eject it right into the garbage. Keep your toilet and hands clean.

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Large Freezer Bags

Yes, you read that right—freezer bags. Put small items like sports equipment and helmets in a large freezer bag and keep them in the freezer overnight. The freezer hardens the dirt—making it easy to scrape off.

Another great use of freezer bags is to remove wax spilled on tablecloths and cloth napkins. Leave overnight and scrape off the excess in the morning.

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Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers aren’t called magic for nothing. These sponges, which are made from melamine foam act as a gentle abrasive to remove stains from surfaces without damaging them. They’re great for getting coffee stains off mugs, dirt off walls, product buildup on hair styling tools, removing grease from stove tops and so much more.

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Pumice Stone

A pumice stone can do so much more than exfoliate your feet. They remove baked on food from the inside of older ovens which lack a self-cleaning feature. Paint or rust on tools you use in the home or outside in the garden are no match for the mighty pumice stone.

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