Yes, even cleaning the toilet.

By Katie Holdefehr
April 22, 2020
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We all have (at least) one Achilles' heel of cleaning. Maybe it's scrubbing the inside of the toilet bowl, or perhaps it's pulling out wads of hair from the shower drain. It's that cleaning task that's sure to make you a little queasy—the one you undoubtedly put off for as long as possible. To make these chores a little less gross, we rounded up a few clever cleaning tools that can help. By putting some extra distance between you and the messy situation and making these tasks faster and easier, you'll be able to check off these dreaded to-dos in record time.

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Listen, no one wants to crawl on their hands and knees to clean all of the gunk and hair collected around the base of the toilet. This tile scrubber can help. It has an expandable pole so you can clean around the toilet with getting too close, while the angled scrubbing pad allows you to get into all of the nooks and crannies behind the toilet.

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Credit: Target


Most of us also want to keep our distance when it comes to cleaning the inside of the toilet. Luckily, this long cleaning wand lets you stay at least 15 inches away from the bowl. Plus, the scrubbers are disposable, so unlike most toilet brushes, you won't have to worry about bacteria growing in the brush stand.

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If there's one cleaning task that never fails to make me want to gag, it's unclogging the shower drain. That is, until I discovered the life-changing cleaning tool that meant I never had to dislodge enough soap-scum-covered pile of hair ever again: the OXO Good Grips drain cover. It fits over my shower's drain, collecting each strand before they have a chance to turn into a disgusting hair ball.

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If you've noticed one theme emerging here, it's that any cleaning tool that puts a little extra distance between us and the yucky stuff we're cleaning, the better. And that includes smelly dirty dishes. Not only doing this dishwashing wand put a little space between you and dirty dishwater, but it also dispenses dish soap, saving you time.

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Couch covered in pet fur? Side chairs sprinkled with fur? Even your crown molding looking a little fuzzy? This large lint roller designed for picking up pet hair will help you clean up the fur wherever it flies. When you're done, the disposable sheets make it easy to toss the mess away.

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