I Tried the French Stain Removal System That Shoppers Say 'Works Miracles'—Here's What I Thought

My white blouses have officially come out of hiding.
By Stephanie Perry
October 06, 2020
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I’m a minimalist at heart. I like wearing neutrals, decorating my apartment with white throw pillows, and snuggling up under a cream-colored duvet each night. Unfortunately, this decor aesthetic is only stylish if you can maintain a spotless home, which had proven difficult in the past due to my affinity for red wine and coffee—and my husky’s affinity for mud puddles. While I used to simply toss out more soiled blankets and rugs then I’d like to count, I was recently introduced to the Carbona Stain Devils Complete Set and my white furniture and wallet are better for it. 

The Carbona Stain Devils Complete Set is a French-inspired cleaning approach that knows not all stains are created equal. The set comes with nine different formulas, each customized to best treat a different category of stain. There’s a tube for removing blood and dairy; another for ketchup, mustard, and chocolate; and yet another for combatting wine, tea, coffee, and juice stains. If you’re curious why blood and dairy might be grouped together in one formula, it’s because Stain Devils’ formulas actually target the chemical composition of the stain for best results. Blood and dairy are protein-based stains, therefore their formula is made to specially treat those properties. Pretty cool, right?

It’s been only a couple weeks since I received the Carbona Stain Devils Complete Set but I’ve already used it more times than I’d like to disclose. The first day I received the set, I dripped chocolate ice cream on my white fleece jacket. Grabbing the “Ketchup, Mustard, and Chocolate” tube, I followed the directions by applying the Stain Devils formula to the soiled area, dabbing the stain with a dry cloth to really rub in the formula, and then rinsing the stain clean with warm water. According to the time stamp on my camera roll, the before and after results are only one minute apart.

Stephanie Perry

Two days later, I had yet another opportunity to test the Carbona Stain Devils formula. My puppy knocked over some red wine onto my white carpet and, although the mess was much less controlled than my previous stain, I reached for the “Coffee, Tea, Wine, and Juice” formula. This time, a simple dab from the tube would not suffice, so I followed the product directions and poured some of the Stain Devils formula into warm water. While the instructions prompt you to then soak your soiled garment directly in the water for two hours, this was impossible with my wall-to-wall rug. Instead, I soaked a washcloth with the diluted formula and began to dab away the stains. I was too rushed to take a before photo but I can assure you my after photo makes it look like this mishap never happened. 


To buy: $31 for set (was $42); amazon.com.

With a nearly perfect five-star rating, Amazon shoppers are also clearly blown away with the Stain Devils results, calling it the “best line of speciality stain removers ever.” One customer writes, “These little yellow bottles contain the finest stain removers available. Blood, ink, hair dye, motor oil, butter, all removed in one use. I can’t imagine what I’d do without them to clean the clothes of the three men/boys in my house.”

Another raves, “So far I have tried the one for chocolate ice cream (came out clean), ink (it worked!), oil (black greasy oil—no problem), and red wine (gone!). I think this would make a great housewarming gift!”

Start slow by testing out one of Carbona Stain Devils’ individual formulas or fully commit (trust me and hundreds of Amazon shoppers, you won’t regret it) with the full set of nine formulas. Bonus: The set of nine is currently on sale for 25 percent off so you can experience effective, stress-free cleaning for even less.