Permanently say goodbye to dust bunnies with this super efficient vacuum.

By Madison Alcedo
Updated May 03, 2019

In our opinion, spring cleaning is never really over after spring. If you have your favorite cleaning tools that you can’t live without, you’re not alone. Top-notch cleaning gadgets—like the infamous cordless Dyson vacuum or fan-favorite Bissell steam mop—have cult followings because they really get the job done. So when it comes to investing in cleaning gadgets for your home, you can’t beat reviews from real people to know what's actually worth your money. There’s even an entire list of cult-favorite cleaning supplies on Amazon, and you better believe we have them stocked in our homes at all times.

While searching for a vacuum, we recently came across one of Amazon’s best-sellers by BLACK+DECKER ($58;, which has a total of 16,000 ratings and more than 10,000 five-star reviews. Customers love this vacuum because its genius extending nozzle gets hard-to-reach areas, and it's even better for cleaning car mats.

“This vacuum is EVERYTHING! The suction is incredibly powerful for a little cordless handheld vacuum. I've owned many in the past and can say that this alleviates many of the problems that give cordless vacuums a bad rep. For one thing it holds its charge for longer and maintains its suction power until the very end rather than fizzling out after a few minutes like the cheaper ones. It also has a more useful thin extendable nozzle for reaching into small crevices, an ideal feature when you're trying to clean your car interior. I also like that the brush is permanently attached to the nozzle (you can just swing it back if you don't want to use it).”

While customers have officially dubbed this BLACK+DECKER cordless vacuum as one of the most-wanted vacuums on Amazon, the popular model just got an upgrade, and it’s finally available to shop on Amazon. This new model includes the loved extra-long crevice extending tool, but it’s got a powerful addition with four times more suction than the original hand vacuum. Plus, it comes with a sturdier charging base, and it’s guaranteed to have a 125 percent longer running time than the first iteration. And with just a press of a button, the filter cover pops up, and you can easily dump the contents without having to touch the dirty filter.

The newest version comes in both black and white, and there’s even a pet-specific vacuum, which includes a motorized pet brush to pick up excess pet hair. If you don’t have a favorite cleaning appliance yet, consider this vacuum your new favorite go-to tool for vacuuming all high-traffic areas, no matter if you live in a large house or a tiny apartment.

BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum


To buy: $80;