This $17 Cleaning Kit Is the Secret to Making Your Kitchen Appliances Look Brand New

The stainless steel cleaners have nearly 7,000 five-star Amazon ratings.

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weiman stainless steel cleaner

While cleaning the inside of your fridge, oven, and microwave are likely already a part of your routine, you may be overlooking the outside of these appliances. And if that's the case, there's a cleaning kit that makes it easy and fast to get rid of the grease, fingerprints, food stains, and dust that easily accumulates on those surfaces.

Droves of shoppers love Weiman's stainless steel cleaning kit, specially designed for the common kitchen finish. The $17 trio cleans, brightens, and polishes surfaces, while also helping to maintain them. The set has earned nearly 7,000 five-star ratings from reviewers who rave about its effectiveness, calling it "nothing short of amazing."

weiman stainless steel cleaner

To buy: $17;

The three-piece bundle comes with a microfiber buffing cloth, a spray cleaner, and pre-soaked wipes that remove stains, breakdown grease, and polish and protect surfaces. In fact, a quick spritz and wipe can make appliances look new again (and stay that way), thanks to the formula that makes surfaces fingerprint- and scratch-resistant. Though both contain the same lightly scented formula that's safe for stainless steel, Weiman recommends the spray for larger surfaces while the wipes are ideal for small spots.

Both the brand and reviewers say it's essential that users go with the grain of their stainless steel surface when using these cleaners to avoid marks. And they should only be used on stainless steel surfaces (some reviewers reported the spray to be slippery when excess accumulated on the floor). As long as they are used correctly, owners say the cleaners are effective, simple, and fast.

"I cannot believe how great this product worked with almost no effort," one reviewer wrote. "[The] toaster oven, deep fryer, brew station, sink, faucet, and travel mugs are all gleaming, and it only took me 15-20 minutes. And several uses later, no new fingerprints! It also made short work of the hard water stains on the sink and faucet. Although this stuff clearly repels fingerprints, I see no evidence of any residue left behind. This stuff's so awesome that I immediately ordered a four-pack of the wipes. This is the first time I've ever been excited to clean!"

weiman stainless steel cleaner

To buy: $17;

"I have a toddler and two slobbery dogs, and it has worked wonders on our stainless stove and fridge," another reviewer wrote about the set. "My appliances stay fingerprint-less for a lot longer than they used to, and when I clean them, they look brand new." As these top-rated wipes and sprays prove, cleaning stainless steel doesn't have to be difficult, and those irritating fingerprints can be removed—all you need are the right supplies.

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