This TikTok-Viral Trash Can Changes Itself — and It's on Sale

No wonder it’s garnered 7 million views online.

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TOWNEW T1 Self-Sealing and Self-Changing 4 Gallon Trash Can

TikTok is perhaps the only social media platform where you can find inspiring new decor aesthetics and pain-relieving therapies alike. It features honest reviews on everything from multi-use kitchen tools to glasses that make reading while laying down a breeze, and introduces us laypeople to innovative devices that can really change how we go about our daily lives. One of these clever inventions is a smart trash can that changes itself—though, don't get your hopes up, you'll still have to take the bags from your home to the disposal bin outside.

The TowNew T1 automatic model has the capability to recognize when the trash is full, so that it can then release the bag of waste automatically and seal it shut. Once the bag is scooped out, the can will replace it so that your disposal process is made quicker and easier. User @thehouseofsequins posted a review of the gadget in October 2020 and it's garnered more than 7 million views and 1.3 million likes since. "It seals and drops bags so you know when it's time to take them out," she says in the video. "Rather than scrambling for the next bag, it also changes the next bag for you."

TOWNEW T1 Self-Sealing and Self-Changing 4 Gallon Trash Can

To buy: $100 (was $120);

While this innovation might raise the eyebrows of some skeptics, the self-sealing and self-replacing features are useful for older users, and users who have disabilities.

"I am disabled now so that a regular task like taking out garbage has become a two-hour task event," one Amazon reviewer wrote when they first purchased the gadget. "I think this machine is going to turn my quality of life towards a positive regular endeavor now."

A few months later that same reviewer came back to write that the waste bin is "disabled-person approved! Heck, even one of my therapists loved it too!"

To use the device, wave your hand above the lid. The infrared sensors will pick up this movement and then lift the lid so that you can dispose of whatever you need to without even touching the appliance. If you want to take out the garbage before it's full, simply press the button featured in the front, and the bag will then be sealed.

"It's the coolest trash can I've ever seen," wrote another five-star reviewer. "The fully automated bag-sealing process means I can 'take out the trash' without getting my hands dirty… The bag-changing system is so freaking easy. Taking out the trash is no longer a chore!

Each trash can comes with a ring of 25 4-gallon bags (a six-pack of these costs $34). The gadget's battery lasts for up to a month in between charges. Once it needs more juice, plug in the charger cord for 30 to 90 minutes—shoppers said time varies based on how low the battery is—and it'll be good to go.

Along with the useful and time-saving features, the look of the trash can is a plus. The minimalist design is simple to implement into the room of your choice, and the cool-toned colors make this much less of an eyesore than typical trash cans.

Keep your hands clean and your house looking pristine by shopping for this viral smart trash can below.

TOWNEW T1 Self-Sealing and Self-Changing 4 Gallon Trash Can

To buy: $97 (was $120);

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