Speed-Clean Your Stovetop Checklist

With the help of a few key tools, you can make your stovetop 10 times better in just 5 minutes.

  1. Check Make sure the stovetop is cool.

    Remove the grates and the knobs (with an electric range, also take off the drip pans). Drop them into a few inches of hot, soapy water in the sink. Time: 30 seconds.

  2. Check With a damp paper towel, wipe crumbs off the stovetop.

    Time: 20 seconds.

  3. Check Grab the knobs from the sink.

    You don’t want to oversoak them or the markings might come off. Rinse. Shake excess water out of the inner workings, wipe dry, and set aside on a dish towel. Time: 1 minute.

  4. Check Spray the stovetop generously with Clean Team Red Juice (or another all-purpose cleaner).

    Let sit to soften stuck-on gunk. Meanwhile, spritz a paper towel with Red Juice and spot-clean the back and the knob area. Time: 1 minute.

  5. Check Scour the stovetop with a gentle scrubber, such as the Scotch-Brite Greener Clean nonscratching scouring pad.

    Time: 20 seconds.

  6. Check Wipe the stovetop clean with a paper towel.

    To shine, spritz with a glass cleaner. (We like Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day window spray for its combination of shine and aromatherapy.) Time: 20 seconds.

  7. Check Scrub any dirty spots on the grates (or the drip pans, for an electric stove) with the scouring pad.

    Rinse and dry. Time: 1 minute.

  8. Check Replace the grates and the knobs, making sure the off-position indicators are aligned.

    Time: 30 seconds.

  9. Check Put on the teakettle and relax.

    (The clock is off.)