Plus, the flower-shaped dishwand is downright adorable.

By Real Simple
Updated October 17, 2017
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Known for its appearance on Shark Tank, the original Scrub Daddy sponge has been a favorite of our editors for years, even landing itself a spot on our list of best kitchen sponges and brushes. While we couldn’t resist the combination of the sponge’s tough pan-scrubbing power and cute smiley-face shape, the company’s latest product launch may be even more adorable: the Scrub Daisy dishwand system.

Released on QVC this week, the new scrubber has a petal-shaped sponge design that does a lot more than just look adorable on the side of your sink—the curved petals also get into the corners of jars and dishes, helping scrub them clean. The $32 set comes with a vase-shaped storage unit that holds the wand and three scrubber attachments, each formulated to tackle a different task. The daisy-shaped sponge is your multi-purpose scrubber, to be used on everything from plates and bowls to cups and utensils. The sunflower scourer is designed for those tough tasks: scrubbing dirty pans and scraping baked-on cookie bits off baking sheets. And when you need to clean out a water bottle or a flower vase? Reach for the hyacinth scrubber, and the narrow design will reach down to the very bottom of the bottle. Fill the wand with dishwashing liquid, twist on an attachment, and press the leaf button to dispense the soap as you scrub.

The set comes with a self-draining base that attaches to the edge of your sink with a suction cup, so the runoff sponge water will automatically drip down the drain instead of collecting on the countertop. If you also happen to live in a household where certain family members have a tendency to leave a soaked sponge in the bottom of the sink rather than wringing it out (you know who they are), the base will act as a friendly reminder to put the sponge back where it belongs. Who knows, this charming flower sponge may even get your kids interested in dishwashing—maybe.