OXO Good Grips Dish Squeegee

This $6 Cleaning Tool Has Thousands Singing Its Versatile Praises: It’s ‘Useful for So Many Things’

Use it to clear plates, wipe bathroom mirrors, and dry countertops.
By Sanah Faroke
March 26, 2021
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Cooking and cleaning go hand in hand—and both take up time and energy and require a lot of dish scraping. But using a knife to scrape hardened food off of plates and bowls can only go so far, resulting in a ton of wasted water needed to "soak" the dishes before you can actually wash them. 

It's a hassle thousands of shoppers have experienced time and time again, until they discovered the $6 Oxo Good Grips Dish Squeegee, a tool that swiftly removes food scraps and sends them right into the trash in T-minus three seconds. The best part? Reviewers have found even more ways to use the clever squeegee beyond the kitchen sink, making it what one dubs an "engineering marvel."

Amazon shoppers call the Oxo dish squeegee "pure genius" for its simple, yet effective design. Made with flexible silicone edges, this cleaning tool effectively wipes off anything on your plate into the bin or garbage disposal without a hint of water. But if you thought it was only good for flat surfaces, think again. Its curved edge design easily scoops out saucy meals from bowls or oddly shaped tupperware, making cleanup that much easier.  

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This clever tool not only saves water, but reviewers say it has drastically reduced the amount of paper towels they use daily, too. Instead of using paper to sop up greasy oils or butter to prevent it from clogging the drain, they say this tool squeegees it away without doing harm to the planet. 

"This thing has been so great at replacing my 'paper towel' method," writes one Amazon shopper who titled the review the "best thing I didn't know I needed." "Now, I can just squeegee off any oil, sauce, butter, etc. right into the trash, and it only takes a few seconds."

Other shoppers say they love the squeegee so much that they decided to buy a second one to clean other parts of the house, including the hard-to-clean bathroom. After using it on the dishes, one reviewer noted that it is "useful for so many things." In addition to scraping food off of your cookware and dishes, shoppers have also used it to squeegee wet countertops, dry wooden cutting boards (sans paper towels), sweep up crumbs off surfaces, clean bathroom mirrors, and even apply rainbow film to windows. Yes, it's a mouthful. But is it worth it? Absolutely.  

"I'm honestly shocked at how good this thing is," writes another reviewer. "This thing is like magic on my sink. I can quickly scrape everything into the drain strainer and chuck it. My sink is 90 percent clean and dry just from doing that, and with all the gross food bits taken care of, I can find and scrub the stubborn parts faster." 

If you're not a fan of doing the dishes, the Oxo Good Grips Dish Squeegee will make you reconsider thanks to its ingenious design that makes for faster cleanup. Shoppers say this $6 tool that can be used in the kitchen or bathroom is "worth every penny."