This Simple $6 Hack Cleans My Air Fryer in Just a Few Minutes

It’s so easy to use.

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Air Fryer Grill Brush Stainless Steel Accessory Cleaner

If you're easily influenced like I am, you probably have an air fryer sitting on your kitchen counter right now. Air fryers took over the world by storm last year, especially as we all had to put our chef hats on during Covid. While I absolutely love my air fryer for cooking everything from salmon to potatoes to hard-boiled eggs, it wasn't always the easiest appliance to clean.

Using an air fryer requires non-stick cooking spray, but that often results in splatters, stains, and residue left inside. The racks from my air fryer were usually left with charcoal-looking particles and they became harder and harder to scrub off. I found myself frustrated after nearly every use when I had to remove the compartments and scrub them endlessly in order to keep my air fryer in pristine condition.

That is until I came across the Infraovens Air Fryer Grill Brush on Amazon. The minute I saw this brush I was sold, plus it didn't hurt that it only costs $6. And as soon as I used it, anything that was stuck on my air fryer was gone in just a few minutes.

The brush is made of 100 percent premium stainless steel bristles, which prevents it from damaging the surface of your air fryer and its grill racks. The wooden handle makes it very easy to grip and scrub as vigorously as needed, especially in those harder-to-reach areas. Because it's only 8 inches long, it's easy to use on most small-to-medium-sized air fryers and grill racks. It's also designed to be 60 percent more rigid than traditional cleaning brushes, so you don't have to worry about the quality of the brush declining any time soon.

Once I finish brushing my air fryer clean, I rinse out the residue with some soap and water and wipe it down. It's so easy. This method has also saved me from destroying traditional sponges due to the excessive scrubbing I found myself doing beforehand. Not only am I getting my air fryer clean more efficiently, but I'm also saving resources while I'm at it.

Air Fryer Grill Brush Stainless Steel Accessory Cleaner

To buy: $6;

Air fryer fans on Amazon agree that the brush is effective, given its small size and affordable price point. "I had high hopes for this cleaning brush and was very pleased. It gets the gunk out from between the wires with little effort and without damaging the metal," one customer shared. "This little tool is a lifesaver. I hated using my air fryer basket, especially with chicken because it would leave a huge mess and it was really hard to clean. I would use my sponge and it would disintegrate. Now I don't mind using my air fryer because this brush makes it so much easier," said another.

If you're struggling to clean your air fryer and want a simple solution, try this $6 cleaning brush from Amazon today.

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