These Scrub Brushes Can Tackle Anything Stuck on Your Pots and Pans—and Look Great While Doing It

It's time to get rid of your slimy sponges.

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Palm Pot Brush- Bamboo Round 3 Packs

Some of us would rather scrub the toilets, do every bit of laundry, and take out the trash—twice—than do the dishes. But unfortunately, the distaste you may have for gross stuck-on food and grimy sponges won't make those pots and pans sitting in the sink disappear. To make tackling piles of dishes more bearable (and much easier), it's time to trade in your sponges for a set of sturdy, eco-friendly brushes.

Greenth Pro's palm pot bamboo brushes are the antidote to stained sponges and nylon scrubbers that lose bristles quickly. It comes in a three-pack (for just $10!), so you'll have two as backup, which comes in handy if you'd like to use one for other spaces around your home. Unlike other dishwashing tools, the bamboo handle and bristles made of sisal palm on the cleaning tool can handle the toughest food gunk that you may have previously given up hope on.

"​​I'm using them to wash and clean a molcajete that I just bought and in the battle of brush vs basalt, the brush is winning hands down," wrote one reviewer. "After over half an hour of grinding the brush against the rock under running water, I've lost no bristles at all. Cast iron is nothing compared to basalt, so these are jaw-droppingly impressive in their ability to take a beating and keep on cleaning."

Aside from their unwavering hardiness, the brushes are fully compostable since they're constructed of plant fibers and wood. Not only will that alone help you create less waste, but they also last for a long time—unlike traditional sponges, they won't succumb to stains, stuck-on food bits, or warping.

"I have no problem with food, or even cheese sticking to the bristles, so it's pretty easy to keep clean. I've had no bristles come out, nor has the wood split more than expected, considering it is constantly going through the process of being submerged and dried out. I even bleach the darn thing about once a week and it seems no worse for wear," said another shopper.

Palm Pot Brush- Bamboo Round 3 Packs

To buy: $10;

Cemented-on dinner from last night isn't the only threat to your sponges and brushes: Sharp, jagged cooking utensils can quickly deteriorate your dishwashing tools, too. But it's clear these can handle it, as one surprised fan wrote, "They work perfectly for the items that need to [be] washed but typically tear or shred the sponge; i.e., the shredding blades for the food processor, the colander, and the wired/mesh cooking trays that now come with conventional ovens."

Though these make scouring cast iron pots and crusty coffee mugs a breeze, they're not only reserved for the sink. The versatile brushes can be used to scrub bathroom floors, shower tiles, outdoor furniture, and really anything else in your home that may need a deep clean. Some owners even say they've used them to remove stains from clothes and scrub vegetables; the possibilities are endless.

It's time to retire any grimy brushes lurking at the bottom of your sink and swap them out with eco-friendly brushes that, dare we say it, might make doing the dishes a not-so-miserable task.

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