“It’s like the Instant Pot—but for cleaning.”

By Christina Butan
Updated June 26, 2019
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Grab Green Cookware and Bakeware Cleaner Pods
Credit: amazon.com

If you’ve ever gotten tired from scrubbing down a super gross pan after dinner, you’re not alone. Burnt residue and grease can take a lot of muscle work, and even though you probably don’t want to deal with it that night, a dirty pan is not something you want to let sit until the next day. Fortunately, there are solutions that will not only make cleaning cookware easier, but will also halve the time you spend at the sink (yes, seriously): Meet the Grab Green Cookware and Bakeware Cleaner Pods.

While you might be wary that a pod or tablet can actually provide a deep clean, these small pods pack a punch. They’re packed with plant and mineral-based ingredients, like sodium carbonate, sodium citrate, and essential oils (no chemicals here!), that help penetrate and remove residue. Using them is super easy, too: Simply fill your dirty cookware or bakeware with warm water, drop a pod in for five to 10 minutes, and let it work its magic as it fizzles and dissolves. After you’ve let it sit, wipe down as usual, and you’ll be amazed at how easily all the gunky remnants slide off.

Grab Green Cookware and Bakeware Cleaner Pods
Credit: amazon.com

To buy: $20 for a pack of four; amazon.com.

I’ve used the cleaning pods myself—and they definitely speed up the cleaning process with minimal elbow grease. Other than the fact that they break up and soften residue so well, they also smell amazing. The essential oils emit a lovely citrus scent that fills up the entire kitchen, so you’re basically getting an air freshener at the same time. Plus, you can use them on all types of cookware and bakeware, including enamel, cast iron, stainless steel, glassware, Pyrex, and aluminum. I love the pods because they eliminate scrubbing, and only require a gentle wipe down that takes just a few minutes—and Amazon shoppers agree.

“Wow! I am very impressed after using these cleaning pods. I was not expecting it to work because my first trial was on a pot which had bone broth and butter—imagine the grease that leaves behind. I simply rinsed the pot, dropped a pod in, added water and let the pod dissolve (it does so very quickly, in about 15 seconds or so),” one customer wrote. “I went on to do some other clean up work in the kitchen and when I came back to the sink, I saw that the pod had effectively gotten rid of the grease and smell in the pot. Amazing.”

One package of the Grab Green Cookware and Bakeware Cleaning Pods comes with 15 pods—and at just $20, you’re getting 60. While that sounds like a lot, you’ll be surprised at how often you’ll end up using them. If you’ve been searching for a way to simplify cleaning up in the kitchen (who isn’t?), these pods are definitely worth investing in.