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By Sam Lauron
Updated April 08, 2020
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If you’ve ever used a sub-par cleaning agent to wash your dishes, then you understand the frustrating (not to mention, defeating) moment of pulling a “clean” plate from the drying rack or cabinet and catching a glimpse of unsightly soap residue or stuck-on food. After all of the time and energy you already spent over the sink washing dishes, this is the last thing you want to see. It also means that you’ll most likely have to do another round of washing in order to get the plate completely clean, and no one has time for that.

Whether you typically use a dishwasher for your cleaning needs or stick to hand-washing only, there will be plenty of times in the kitchen when you need to scrub a dish or two by hand. Not to mention, big pots and pans that require extra scrubbing and attention and likely won’t fit in the dishwasher anyway. To get the job done properly and efficiently, you’ll need to have a dish soap that properly cleans and removes stains without being too harsh on your hands.

The power of a good dish soap should never be underestimated. The best dish soaps help immensely with mundane kitchen tasks, but if there’s one thing that a dish soap needs to do well, it’s leave your plates, glasses, and silverware sparkling clean. It also doesn’t hurt if it has a nice scent, doesn’t leave hands feeling sticky or dry after, and uses natural ingredients.

If your current dish soap isn’t checking off all the boxes, then it’s time to make the switch to a more efficient and well-rounded option. To help you determine which dish soaps are worth inviting into your kitchen, we went ahead and gathered the best dish soaps to shop online, according to customer reviews. These top-rated cleaners have garnered countless positive reviews from shoppers who have praised their powerful cleaning capabilities, stain-fighting qualities, gentle formulas, and invigorating scents. Not only will these dish soaps be able to fight tough grease stains and battle baked-on food, but reviewers claim they’ll also leave hands feeling soft, won’t leave behind any residue or lingering soap smells, and will produce a pleasant aroma that enhances your overall dishwashing experience.

Whether you’re looking for the best smelling dish soap, a natural soap, or one that’s gentle enough for sensitive skin, any of the options here are sure to fit the bill. All available to buy online and get delivered right to your door, these are the 8 best dish soaps to try in 2020.

Read on to learn what shoppers like the most about each of these soaps.

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Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Dish Soap Lavender

1 Best Scent: Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Dish Soap

Doing the dishes is always more tolerable (and maybe even enjoyable) when you love the smell of the dish soap you’re using. While finding the perfect scent typically comes down to personal preference, there are some scents that can almost always be relied on to win over a crowd with their inviting aromas. From Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day collection, this lavender-scented dish soap is formulated with a garden-inspired smell that’s more fresh and herby than it is floral or fragrant. Featuring notes of lavender and soapbark extract, it has shoppers raving about the soothing smell. One said it makes dishwashing “more pleasant,” while another said it’s well worth the cost because it “works great and smells excellent.” 

To buy: $7;  

Seventh Generation Natural Dish Liquid, 25 Oz., Lavender/Mint

2 Best Natural: Seventh Generation Natural Dish Liquid

Seventh Generation has long been a trusted source for safe, plant-based products, so it only makes sense that its dish soap is one of the best-selling natural options out there. With a subtle lavender and mint scent that’s derived from essential oils, the soap is free of any dyes or synthetic fragrances, and its hypoallergenic formula is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. Though it avoids harsh chemicals, it’s still effective on stains and grease and leaves dishes sparkling clean, customers say. One reviewer said they “wouldn’t use anything else” and continued, “I’ve been using this for years. Non-toxic and it cleans perfectly. Also it doesn’t dry out my hands.” 

To buy: $7;

Dawn Ultra Original Scent Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap

3 Best-Rated Dish Soap: Dawn Ultra Original Scent

This dish soap has racked up thousands of positive customer reviews, making it nearly essential to try out for your next round of dishwashing. Dawn has been a trusted name in household cleaning products for years, and the quality of its products shows why. This original-scent formula lifts and removes stains, grease, and burnt-on food with little-to-no effort (read: scrubbing) on your part. Since this classic dishwashing soap is so popular, it’s sold out at many retailers, but you can still find it available in certain sizes at Target. The best part? The 7-ounce container—its smallest size—is still in stock and costs just $1. “I only use Dawn dish soap and have never been disappointed,” one reviewer wrote. “Works great when washing dishes. It's gentle but gets off tough grime and grease. Would recommend.”

To buy: from $1;

Dawn Ultra Platinum Powerwash Dish Spray Bundle

4 Best New Dish Soap: Dawn Ultra Platinum Powerwash

If you’re looking to shake up your dishwashing routine, consider this new take on dish soap—dish spray. Another great option from Dawn, it’s an innovative and efficient way to clean dishes, whether you’re crunched for time or want to reduce the amount of soap and water you use. Simply place pots, pans, plates, and more in the sink, spray with the powerful cleaner, and let them sit for a few minutes. Once the suds have reached every inch of the dish (which comes in handy for those hard-to-reach places), wipe them down with a cloth or sponge, rinse away the soap and grime, and call it a day. “Not to oversell it, but this makes cleaning...much easier,” wrote one customer. Others added that the efficiency of the spray “halves the time it takes to hand-wash dishes.”

To buy: $9;

Williams Sonoma Meyer Lemon Dish Soap

5 Best Luxe Dish Soap: Williams-Sonoma Meyer Lemon

From Williams-Sonoma’s signature collection, the Meyer Lemon dish soap is just one of many delightfully refreshing soaps and lotions from the popular home brand’s own line. The bright and citrusy scent is derived from essential oils, which results in a natural lemon aroma that pairs perfectly with clean, sparkling dishes. It also doesn’t hurt that the minimally designed bottle makes for a pretty addition to any kitchen counter. But don’t let the charming exterior and fresh scent trick you into thinking this soap can’t get the job done. Rather, the addition of soapbark extract creates a natural degreasing element that had one reviewer raving that it “truly cuts through grease better than other brands.”

To buy: $13;

Babyganics Fragrance-Free Foaming Dish & Bottle Soap

6 Best Gentle Formula: Babyganics Foaming Dish & Bottle Soap

While this soap is effective for any dish in the kitchen, Babyganics is specifically designed for delicate dishes like bottles, sippy cups, or other items used by babies and children. The formula is fragrance-free, gentle on the skin, and doesn’t leave soapy residue behind. And because it’s a foaming soap, just a couple pumps are enough to create a strong, long-lasting lather, so a little goes a long way. One customer was so won over by the natural ingredients and gentle formula that they say they’re making this their go-to soap in the kitchen. “Honestly the best dish/bottle soap that I have ever used. We even use it to clean our hands.”

To buy: $4;

Deruta Rosemary Mint Dish Soap

7 Best Bottle: Deruta Rosemary Mint Dish Soap

It’s okay to admit that sometimes we buy products simply for the aesthetic. If you’re looking for a soap that can double as an eye-catching piece of decor for the kitchen counter, then this dish soap from World Market should be at the top of your list. It’s packaged in a beautifully-designed bottle inspired by Italian ceramics, which is evident in the whimsical pattern and warm colors. The soap itself is powerful and effective on dirty dishes, and the refreshing rosemary and mint scent will fill your kitchen with a dreamy aroma and have you envisioning yourself under the sun on the coast of Italy. One shopper called it “a little luxury” and said “it’s strong on dirty dishes, too,” while another said the stylish bottle even made them “fall in love” with their kitchen again.

To buy: $6;

Seventh Generation Professional Free And Clear Dishwashing Liquid 25 Oz

8 Best Unscented: Seventh Generation Professional Dish Liquid

Another great option from Seventh Generation, the Free and Clear Dish Liquid Soap is a favorite among customers seeking a heavy-duty, unscented formula. Seventh Generation’s products are always free from dyes and fragrances, but this soap in particular is a homerun when it comes to getting the job done fragrance-free. And though the professional-grade liquid is made for use on tough stains and large batches of dishes, it still uses plant-based, hypoallergenic ingredients. “The dishes are literally squeaky clean, it foams well, and it leaves no scent at all on my dishes!” wrote one customer. Another reviewer praised the gentle yet powerful formula saying it’s “tough on grease and easy on my hands.”

To buy: $8;