In our Spring Cleaning special issue, you’ll find the best cleaning shortcuts, time-saving tools, and ways to get ahead of the mess—and keep everything clean longer. Available now!

How Swedish Death Cleaning Will Organize Your Life Once and for All

It’s the decluttering method to end all decluttering.

The $90 Light That Kills Bacteria in Your Kitchen Forever

Cleaning is still an excellent way to rid your kitchen of bacteria, but this LED light takes germ-killing to the next level.

What to Do With Things You Can’t Recycle Curbside

When we try to recycle the unrecyclable, we gum up the whole process. “It’s a waste of time, money, and other resources when recycling centers have to deal with things they don’t accept,” explains Darby Hoover, a recycling expert with the Natural Resources Defense Council. These items can’t go in your recycling bin—but you can still get rid of them responsibly.

We Finally Found a Solution to Organizing Storage Lids in the Kitchen

Your kitchen is only as organized as your Tupperware lids.

Is This Silicone Scrubber the Ultimate Dish Washing Sponge?

It promises to never smell sour—so we put it to the test to find out. 

This Genius Tool Will Clean Your Stand Mixer in Seconds

It will save you so much mess when you’re baking holiday cookies.

7 Steps to a Clean Bathroom

Go nuts on lurking germs with these bacteria-targeting tricks that work.

How Often You Really Need to Wash Every Item in Your Closet

Guidelines for everything from pajamas to jeans.

The $7 Product Housekeepers Swear By

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