Because you just never know when you're going to need a stain stick, right?

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated August 05, 2019
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On-the-go cleaning products, hand sanitizing spray
Credit: Urban Outfitters

If you pride yourself on your spotless kitchen floor and your pro-level laundry secrets, your neatnik ways don't have to end when you leave home. To be prepared for every coffee spill on your white work blouse or germy steering wheel you encounter out in the real world, turn to these on-the-go cleaning products. Stash these mini stain sticks, hand-sanitizing sprays, and wipes in your purse so they're always on-hand, or keep a few in your desk drawer at work. Fair warning: once your family members, friends, and coworkers catch on to your collection of cleaning products, they're going to be coming to you for help with every red wine spill or mess that comes up.

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Shoe cleaning wipes
Credit: Container Store

1 Shoe Wipes, So Your Sneakers Stay Fresh

Tuck one (or two) of these individually-wrapped shoe cleaning wipes into your purse so you can quickly remove grass stains on your new white sneakers. They're designed to work on leather, nylon, and canvas, plus they have a smooth side for wiping away dirt and a textured side for gently scrubbing stains and scuffs. 

To buy: Jason Markk Quick Wipes, $20 for 30,

Tide to Go Stain Pen
Credit: Amazon

2 A Mini Stain Pen, for Those Unexpected Spills

There's a good reason this stain-removing pen lands a spot on several of our must-have cleaning product lists: because it really works. Tide pens are an essential in any home cleaning kit, and this mini version (it's just 4 inches long) can fit into even the tiniest handbag. 

To buy: Tide To Go Mini Instant Stain Remover Pen Sticks, $13 for 2,

Hand Sanitizer in colorful bottle
Credit: Urban Outfitters

3 Mini Scented Hand-Sanitizing Spray

It was about time unattractive, harsh-smelling hand sanitizer got an upgrade. Touchland's hand sanitizer comes packaged in a sleek container and is infused with essential oils to mask the alcohol smell. Because it's a spray rather than a gel, this formula is conveniently quick-drying. 

To buy: Touchland Power Mist Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer, $12,

Screen cleaning wipes
Credit: Thrive Market

4 Screen-Cleaning Wipes for Germy Smartphones

When your phone screen gets smudged with makeup or your tablet is a mess from your kids' greasy fingers, you'll be glad you stashed these screen-cleaning wipes in your purse. They're alcohol- and fragrance-free, so they're even safe to use on your glasses. 

To buy: Screen Cleaning Wipes, $8 for 10,

Phone Soap phone cleaning gadget
Credit: Uncommon Goods

5 A Bacteria-Destroying Phone Sanitizer

This phone-sanitizing gadget is a splurge, but knowing that your Petri-dish of a smartphone is finally clean is pretty priceless. Or consider investing in a communal smartphone cleaner—at Real Simple, several editors share a PhoneSoap that we keep in the office and take turns using. 

To buy: PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer, from $60,