This $9 Bathroom Essential Will Keep Your Shower Mold and Mildew-Free (Yes, Really)

"This is the Cadillac of shower curtains."

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There’s nothing worse than entering a shower only to be greeted by an unwelcome pink or green border creeping up the shower curtain. Naked and probably in a hurry, you can easily put off the task of deep cleaning this area of your shower until another time or forget about it completely by the time you’re finished blow-drying your hair. But what if there was a way to prevent this germy situation altogether?

Monicas of the world, listen up. You can purchase a mildew resistant anti-bacterial shower curtain liner from Amazon for a cool $9. If you consider mold and mildew two of your worst enemies, you might consider upgrading your bathroom with the LiBa Mildew Resistant Anti-Bacterial PEVA 8G Shower Curtain Liner.

The non-toxic, eco-friendly curtain with rust-proof grommets is the number-one best seller in shower curtain liners on Amazon, and for good reason. The affordable product is advertised to last four times longer than similar products and uses a special treatment to inhibit mold and mildew growth. Plus, unlike other liners made with highly carcinogenic PVC (a compound known to emit toxic gas into the air), the LiBa shower curtain is made with PEVA, a non-toxic material that’s free of harmful chemicals.

The bathroom essential is designed to fit any standard shower and can be used on straight or curved rods. With clear, white, and frosted styles, the piece can stand alone as a shower curtain or be used as a liner underneath another decorative curtain. Heavy duty magnets also line the bottom of the curtain to keep the material secured to the tub, ensuring that your floors stay dry and your shower stays warm and steamy.

If you’re still not convinced you need this germ-free accessory, perhaps the more than 6,000 five-star Amazon reviews will sway you. Shoppers agree that the liner lives up to its mildew-resistant name and that it truly does stand the test of time.

“I have waited 6 months to write this review and my original liner looks as good as the day I hung it. No mildew or rust. The magnets have weight and stick well to the bath. So I replaced the liner in my other bathroom with another one of these. Excellent value and quality,” one reviewer wrote.

“I had never given much thought to a shower curtain, like never. But when I read the reviews, I thought, why not,” another shopper explained. “This cured me from having a sneezing attack every time I went into our bathroom...This is the Cadillac of shower curtains.”

If you’re tired of scrubbing your shower curtain after mold and mildew appear or have resorted to replacing your liner every few months, give this anti-bacterial shower curtain a try to eliminate one more pesky chore.

LiBa Mildew Resistant Anti-Bacterial PEVA 8G Shower Curtain Liner

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