This $9 Shower Drain Cover Prevents Hair Clogs Once and for All

The best-seller has over 14,000 five-star ratings on Amazon.

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Hair Catcher Durable Silicone Hair Stopper Shower Drain Covers Easy

If you live in a home with multiple long-haired individuals (or you shed enough on your own for it to feel like you do), you've likely dealt with your fair share of hair-clogged shower drains. While you can certainly use a liquid drain cleaner to unblock some clogs in a pinch, thousands of Amazon shoppers uncovered a non-chemical way to keep you from standing in inches of undrained shower water once and for all—and it's currently on sale for just $9.

The Gotega Hair Catcher is a silicone drain cover with over 14,000 five-star ratings on Amazon that's saving shoppers from plumbing bills. The cover's unique design allows water to pass through its openings for quick and effective drainage, while four rings of rubber nubs work to catch hair strands before they can make their way into your pipes. It's made of a durable yet flexible anti-slip rubber that won't move around or dent if you step on it when getting in and out of the shower, and one shopper said it's the "best affordable household item" they've recently purchased.

Hair Catcher Durable Silicone Hair Stopper Shower Drain Covers Easy

To buy: $9 (was $10);

"I wish I knew about this product a long time ago," another reviewer wrote. "I have a grated drain in my stand-up shower, and my daughter and I are constantly clogging the shower with our hair. Since there's no catch underneath, we have to snake the drain several times a month, and it still gets clogged. These are so easy to use, you literally just place it on top of the drain and lift it off to clean."

In addition to keeping shower drains clog-free, the pastel hair catchers, which come in a pack of five, can also keep hair and debris out of a variety of household drains, including bathtubs and kitchen sinks. Plus, it's incredibly easy to clean: Simply remove the hair with your hand or a paper towel, and the catcher is ready to go again in seconds.

"After having to snake the drain and use drain cleaner for the millionth time, [I] finally decided to get a hair catcher, and [I don't know] why I didn't get one sooner," another reviewer wrote. "The silicone material keeps it in place, and the entire package of five was cheap enough that if it gets gross or rips, it's not a big deal to replace."

The hair catcher even finally allowed one shopper to clean their drain without feeling grossed out: "These are so much easier to get the hair off of to me than those 'mushroom' hair catchers," they said. It was so disgusting (to me) to get the hair out of those; sometimes I wanted to puke. For these, I just let the hair dry and easily pick [it] off the 'hair pancake'… and toss it!"

Put an end to annoying shower drain clogs, and head to Amazon to grab the Gotega Hair Catchers for just $9 while the discount lasts.

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