Complete Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

An 11-step guide to thoroughly cleaning your dirtiest room in a few hours or over a few days.

  1. Check Clean the tub and shower.

    Spray with cleaner and scrub the walls and the basin in a circular motion from top to bottom. Spray the entire area with plain water to rinse off the cleaner, and wipe it down again with a damp cloth.

  2. Check Shine the mirror.

    Spritz a cloth with glass cleaner or dip it in dishwashing liquid and water.

  3. Check Scrub the sink.

    Wipe the sink and the vanity top with a damp cloth and dishwashing liquid or cleaner. Rinse completely and go over the area a second time. Scrub the drain with a toothbrush and scrape buildup from the joints between the sink and the counter with the edge of an old credit card.

  4. Check Disinfect the toilet.

    Scrub both the inside and the outside. Or toss two antacid tablets into the bowl, let them dissolve for 20 minutes, then brush stains away with a toilet brush.

  5. Check Mop the floor.

    Using a sponge and cleaner diluted in water, and starting from the farthest corner of the room, work toward the door, going left to right. Dip the mop into the bucket of cleaner, wring it out, and push it over a manageable section of the floor. Then dip the mop into a pail of clean water, wring it out, and mop the section again.

  6. Check Clean the wastebasket.

    Spray both the inside and the outside of the wastebasket with all-purpose cleaner, and wipe it down with a cloth.

  7. Check Wipe down the shower rods and rings.

    Use a cloth dampened with water and dishwashing liquid. Dust can build up, preventing the rings from moving smoothly.

  8. Check Do the medicine cabinet.

    Empty the contents, placing them in the sink, then mist the walls and the shelves with cleaner and wipe with a cloth. Scrub any dirty areas with a toothbrush.

  9. Check Clean the cabinets.

    Lightly dampen a cloth with water and cleaner, and work in the direction of the grain, from top to bottom. Rinse and repeat. Polish the knobs.

  10. Check Wipe the faucet and fixtures.

    Use a cloth spritzed with cleaner. Buff with a clean cloth.

  11. Check Unclog the air vents.

    Dust or vacuum with a brush attachment.