5 Bathroom Air Fresheners That Help a Stinky Bathroom Smell Nice

Keep the stink out of your bathroom.

There's nothing worse than using someone else's bathroom and fearing leaving behind an unpleasant scent. (Or having guests do the same in your home's bathroom.) To avoid this uncomfortable feeling, it's polite to have a fragrance spray or deodorizer in your guest bathroom. Here are five of the best bathroom deodorizers that will do the trick. Potential embarrassment averted.

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Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray

Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray bottle against white background

This smart spray has quickly become popular in bathrooms across the country for one good reason: It starts working before, rather than trying to cover up smells after the fact. Just spritz the bowl, and no one will ever know.

To buy: $13, amazon.com.

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Match Holder With Striker

small match holder with striker, looks like a white and brown plant pot with a base

Striking a match may be the old-fashioned way of freshening up a bathroom, but it's a method that stands the test of time. Get a match striker that's stylish enough to leave out on the top of the toilet tank, so guests will be sure to spot it.

To buy: $17, amazon.com.

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Just a Drop Natural Toilet Odor Eliminator

Just a Drop Natural Toilet Odor Eliminator package, with photo of hand holding small blue bottle over toilet dropping liquid into toilet bowl

This option has a fresh, minty eucalyptus scent, so your bathroom will instantly smell like a spa. Plus, the small bottle size lets you discreetly stash it in your bag or pocket so you can bring it along to dinner.

To buy: $7, amazon.com.

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Mask Toilet Spray

small black bottle of Mask bathroom spray against white background

This well-designed spray is tiny enough to take with you on the go. When you spritz the toilet water, this spray creates a film on the surface that traps odors in the bowl.

To buy: $35 for 3, maskco.com.

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Bad Air Sponge

Bad Air Sponge container, with illustration of man sitting on reclining chair smoking a cigar and cat litter box behind chair

While this deodorizing sponge won't work instantly, it will help to neutralize long-lasting odors over time. Musty towel smells don't stand a chance.

To buy: $27, amazon.com.

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