Cleaning 101

Basic tips and tricks to get the entire house sparkling, from quick cleaning strategies to supplies to stock.

Time-Saving Strategies

A Guide to Cleaning the Bedroom

A few simple daily acts can maintain a sparkling sanctuary and give you peace of mind.

How to Remove Stains From Coffee, Ink, Wine, and More

A quick response and the right approach to stains can save you stress later. Be prepared for these common culprits.

The Best Route to a Cleaner Kitchen

Want to know exactly which tasks to tackle, and in what order? Four industry pros plot the steps that will speed your routine and guarantee a thorough clean.


Quick and Easy Tips

Spring Cleaning Shortcuts

Easy tips and foolproof strategies for making your home sparkle—fast.  

Keep the Living Areas Clean Longer

Tips to make your time spent cleaning more effective (so you won't have to do it again).

Deep-Clean in 3 Easy Steps

Get drapes, furnishings, floors, appliances, and the rest of your home sparkling.

How to Clean Your Keyboard, Cell Phone, Tablet, and Other Electronics

Really, you have no idea what germs lurk there. The following easy (hazmat-free) habits will keep bacteria at bay without damaging delicate, pricey devices.