This Sustainable Cleaning Brand Delivers All the Supplies I Need Right to My Door

Say goodbye to long lines and large crowds at the store.

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I consider myself a relatively eco-conscious person, and I'm always on the lookout for ways to make my everyday life more sustainable. My current goal is to cut down on single-use plastics as much as possible, but I thought it was unavoidable when it came to cleaning products—until I stumbled upon Cleancult.

When I discovered the brand, I was instantly drawn to the aesthetically pleasing glass bottles, and as I started reading more, I realized I had finally found what I was looking for. Cleancult products are made from (you guessed it) clean ingredients like coconut, leaving out potentially harmful chemicals. And everything comes in zero-waste packaging, which is a major bonus. I'm always up for new ways to reduce my carbon footprint, so it wasn't long before I had the off-white linen starter kit in my virtual cart.

Off-White Starter Kit Bundle

Clean Cult Off-White Starter Kit Bundle

To buy: $45 (was $56);

The kit came with everything I needed to deep clean the entire house, including all-purpose cleaner, hand soap, dish soap, reusable dryer balls, natural bar soap, and a silicone funnel for refilling the bottles. I also added dishwasher and unscented laundry tablets to my order for an additional $15 each.

The starter kit is available in two colors (off-white and mosaic), and Cleancult also offers hand soap bundles that include two liquid hand soaps, two refills, natural bar soap, and a silicone funnel. With the starter kit and both cleaning tablets in my cart, my total was still less than $75. Since cute hand soaps at the store can cost $10 or more for half the amount of product that comes in a Cleancult refill, I figured it would ultimately save me money and help save the environment. I call that a win-win.

Before placing my order, I was prompted to make a Cleancult account and was given the option to choose how often I want my recurring refills to be shipped. I chose every three months for now and can go back and change it if needed. Although I have no plans to do that at the moment, it's nice to know that I can cancel at any time with no strings attached.

My order arrived rather quickly (in about a week), and I'll admit I was actually excited to deep clean my house. The orange zest all-purpose cleaner smelled amazing and worked like a charm. I used it to clean my kitchen, bathroom, and even the floors. (Note: It left behind a foggy film when I used it for wiping down mirrors and windows, so I wouldn't recommend it as a glass cleaner.) All of the soaps and dishwasher tablets have a sweet lemongrass scent that earned a compliment from my fiance as soon as he walked through the door.

Since I typically use liquid detergent, I was a little skeptical about the dishwasher and laundry tablets at first, but I'm so glad I gave them a try. When I pulled my dishes out of the dishwasher, everything was spotless and smelled fresh, which is more than I can say about my previous liquid detergent. The tablets might look like they are wrapped in plastic, but it's actually a water soluble film that's completely biodegradable and non-toxic. The wool dryer balls were also a win—I was pleasantly surprised that my clothes came out free of stains and static, and they felt soft against my skin.

Cleancult Refill Bundle

Clean Cult Refill Bundle

To buy: $39 (was $49);

When I received my refills, I was happy to see that each product was labeled and packaged in recyclable cardboard milk cartons. The silicone funnel is essential to making the refilling process quick and mess-free—trust me, I found out the hard way.

With the global COVID-19 pandemic and cleaning supplies becoming scarce in-store and at some online retailers, Cleancult's subscription service has been my saving grace. Not only do the products get the job done, but they're also more affordable in the long run and look great on my countertops. It's safe to say I'll never go back to traditional cleaning products.

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