Turns out this handy gadget can do more than de-fuzz your dress. 

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated March 19, 2018
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Art project gone awry? Use a sticky roller to clean up stray sparkle from surfaces and clothes.
James Wojcik

When you walk into work and find that lint has collected on your skirt during your commute, you grab the mini lint roller in your desk drawer. And when you're about to head out for a date night and spot fuzz on your favorite pants, you turn to the lint roller stashed in your closet. But you probably didn't know that the trusty lint roller can do a lot more than just remove stray fuzz and hair from clothing—actually, it can help with cleaning tasks all over the house. Over the years, Real Simple editors have found several clever ways to incorporate the lint roller into their cleaning routines. First, stock up on lint rollers (we recommend the twin pack, $9, amazon.com), then introduce the tips below into your regular cleaning sessions. Want more smart ways to use everyday objects in your cleaning routine? Pre-order Real Simple Spring Cleaning ($14, amazon.com), your new guidebook for smart, time-saving cleaning tips.

Speed-Clean Your Lampshades

Cleaning lampshades can be a delicate task, but a lint roller makes it faster. Run the lint roller around the inner and outer surfaces, then use a hair dryer to blow dust from the inner crevices.

De-Fuzz Your Upholstery

If you have a dog or cat, you'll want to remember this trick: When Fido's fur starts to collect on your couch, use a lint roller to remove it all in just a few swipes.

Clean Up Glitter Spills

If you've ever accidentally spilled a jar full of glitter, you already know how impossible it is to clean (you'll find glitter around your home for weeks!). Instead, run a lint roller along the table, floor, or clothing to collect the sparkles before they spread.

Quick Clean Your Bathmat

One of our favorite tricks for faking a clean house: run a sticky roller over your bathmat (and other area rugs) to pick up stray hair and crumbs.

De-Crumb Your Utensil Drawer

To remove every last crumb from an emptied utensil drawer, first run a lint roller across the drawer, then to get into the tight corners, wrap the end of a butter knife in a piece of the lint roller's sticky paper.

Clear Out Your Handbag

Have a purse that's littered with spare change and lint? Run a sticky roller along the inner lining of the bag to pick up coins, fuzz, and crumbs.