Plus, it cuts down on single-use plastic.

By Caylin Harris
May 28, 2020
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Let me start off by saying that I hate using mops with those disposable pads—the ones that come in a big plastic container, so you have to separate the individual cleaning cloth from the stack, all while it drips everywhere. I hate that I have to touch the cleaner to affix the dripping cloth into the mop. I’m not crazy about the smell of the cleaner either. Then, once I clean my bathroom floor with it, all I see are streaks, and it’s slightly sticky when it dries. My poor husband handles the mopping because of these complaints.

So I was really excited when I got to try the new Infuse line from Casabella ($30, I grew up in a house with a pretty old-school cleaning mentality, where I’m pretty sure my mom believed that the stinkiest, most caustic chemicals obviously must clean the best. But because of my job, when it came to cleaning my own apartment, then home, I’ve taken a more gentle and eco-friendly approach.

What I love about the Casabella Infuse Spray Mop is that the cleaner and the water is all self-contained inside the mop. No drips or wetness until you’re ready to clean. Putting the mop together was easy, with only a few pieces to snap in place. It’s worth mentioning that you really need to make sure the handle of the mop clicks into place. I didn’t do that the first time and couldn’t get the sprayer to work because of it.

After you put it together, you need to place the cleaning capsule inside the container with the water and you’ll see it diffuse. I love a citrus scent in my cleaning products because it just smells clean, so the Meyer lemon scent was definitely appealing but not overpowering. The mop doesn’t need batteries either, which is great, because I never seem to have the right kind on hand. It cleaned my tile bathroom floor really well and didn’t leave streaks or residue, plus the base of the mop is a washable microfiber cloth that detaches and can get thrown in the washing machine.

After testing out the mop, I decided to give Casabella's new spray bottle system a try, too. The lavender-lemon scent is nice, and it can be used on a variety of surfaces. I used it to clean some grease splatters off of my stove and could also use it on my bathroom mirror, without having to switch to a different spray. You can use this multi-surface cleaner on a myriad of materials, like glass, stainless steel, chrome, laminate counters, linoleum, vinyl, brass, sealed wood, and natural stone counters (granite, marble, quartz).

Free from carcinogens, phthalates, parabens, BPA, endocrine disruptors, butyl, ammonia, chlorine, formaldehyde, bleach, and more, I feel good about swapping in these products. The refillable bottle delivers 40,000 sprays and the microfiber mop pads can be washed 100 times before needing to be replaced, meaning, I don’t need to restock anytime soon. This system is an easy way to simplify and streamline your cleaning supply stash.

Casabella infuse mop review
Credit: Target

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