This Broom-Meets-Squeegee Takes the Annoyance (and Back Pain) Out of Cleaning Tile and Floors

People say it can get rid of two decades of smoke and years of dirt.

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BOOMJOY Floor Scrub Brush with Long Handle -50" Stiff Brush

Learning that all of the back-breaking work you've put into scouring your floors and walls hasn't actually paid off sounds like a bit of a nightmare. But finding a tool that exposes what your mop and broom have been slacking on, turns this bad dream right around—which is what one tool on Amazon has done for thousands of reviewers.

Boomjoy's floor scrub brush has changed more than a few people's cleaning routines for the better. It has earned over 4,000 perfect ratings thanks to its unique frame (a mix of a broom and a squeegee) and its ability to make floors so sparkling, they're "an entire[ly] new shade of white," according to one person.

BOOMJOY Floor Scrub Brush with Long Handle -50" Stiff Brush

To buy: $16;

In theory, a broom and squeegee probably aren't the first things to come to mind when you think of cleaning tool mashups, but the benefits are clear. With a long handle and bristles like a broom, it takes away the need to crouch down at weird angles while scouring. But anything the filaments can't pick up can be swiped clean by the rubber blade scraper. This blend has not only left shoppers with cleaner rooms, but fewer aches, pains, and less time spent cleaning.

"Literally anyone who has a shower or a bathtub, which by the way is everyone in the world for the most part, needs to get one of these," stated one reviewer. "I have used small brushes for my entire life, and every time I clean the bathtub or shower I'm spent for hours with my back hurting like crazy. This brush is a lifesaver and makes cleaning so much easier."

The parts that make up the handle can also be removed and reattached for different lengths of reach, allowing for a comfortable extension whether you need to clean the ceiling, floor, or walls. While shoppers say the squeegee brush works phenomenally on all kinds of surfaces, many mentioned that this is the one tool that can get textured flooring clean.

"The black water I was scraping up after scrubbing my textured vinyl floors was so gross," began one impressed buyer. "This brush really did a great job scrubbing up the two years of ground-in dirt my Swiffer Wet Jet just glossed over every time."

The uses don't stop at kitchen floors and shower tiles though. One person utilized this heavy-duty tool for scrubbing down the outside of their house, another relies on it for keeping all their floors clean in a house of nine pets, and one erased two decades of smoke from their walls.

So if your home is in need of a good deep clean—or you're maybe just a little bit curious about what your broom and mop haven't been picking up—you can shop Boomjoy's duo cleaning tool now. And when you check out, don't forget to apply the coupon for an extra 5 percent off.

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