Pet Owners and Parents Swear by This Multipurpose Carpet Cleaner for Removing Tricky Stains

Even better? It’s on sale.
By Jayla Andrulonis
October 05, 2020
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While dogs, kids, and adult beverages that fall under the category of “red” are things that certainly add joy to your life, they can also do a number on your home. So whether you’re dealing with mystery stains or can point to the culprit of a spill or accident, having a good carpet cleaner in your corner is a must.

And thanks to Amazon, there’s never been a better time to add one to your arsenal. Right now, you can get Bissell’s Multi-Purpose Portable Little Green Cleaner — which just so happens to be the overall best-seller in the category of carpet & upholstery cleaning machines — on sale. 

The popular pick has more than 6,500 glowing reviews from shoppers who’ve already made it their own. Sentiments range from wishing that they’d bought it years ago to dubbing it a “Magic Eraser for carpets”, making it crystal-clear that the little machine is such a big hit.

So how does it work, you ask? The spot cleaner simply combines warm water, a powerful cleaning formula, and focused suction to remove tough stains. Shoppers say the little cleaner is super easy to use thanks to a removable tank you dump out when you’re finished. And since it holds 48 ounces of water, you can count on it to tackle multiple stains before running out of steam. 

“We have a yorkie who has accidents sometimes at night while we’re sleeping,” shared one shopper. “We tried renting machines and they did not do nearly as good of a job as this one... The suction on the little guy is amazing. I am really happy that I went with this one. If you’re looking for one of these, I highly recommend this one for the price.” 

“I got this because children do terrible things to the back seats of cars,” another reviewer said. “I got this because it’s small enough for me to easily shampoo the inside of the car. A few things took several passes but it got all the stains out of the back seat! You can see the nastiness being sucked up and it is so satisfying… It’s a great buy... barely takes up any space in the closet and takes stains out very well.” 

If the thought of a deep clean so good you can see it happen right before your eyes doesn’t have you rushing to add this best-seller to your cart, then we are not the same. Head to Amazon to snag the best-selling carpet cleaner thousands are swearing by while it’s still marked down.

To buy: $99 (was $110);