The Best Stick Vacuums, According to Real Simple Testers

Find out how Dyson, Shark, Bissell, and more tallied up.

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vacuum testing
Erica Snyder

When it comes to cleaning, everyone feels differently. Some people find it calming, while others prefer to outsource whenever possible. The rest of us see it as a necessary evil. Whatever your approach is, to get the job done quickly you need a high-quality vacuum, and if you don't want to lug around a bulky machine, then a stick model is the perfect choice for you.

Whether corded or cordless, stick vacuum cleaners pack a ton of suction power into a lightweight vacuum. Some can also quickly transform into a handheld vacuum cleaner, making your cleaning routine that much more efficient. But perhaps the most notable feature of the stick vacuum is its narrow frame, rendering it easy to store in a corner or closet.

Interested in buying a stick vacuum, but not sure where to start? These are the best stick vacuum cleaners, according to our in-depth testing.

The Best Stick Vacuums

  • Best Overall: Tineco Pure ONE S11
    This cordless stick vacuum is sleek, lightweight, and has a smart sensor that detects dirt as you clean.
  • Best for Hardwood Floors: Dyson Omni-glide
    This vacuum wasdare we sayfun to use. It had our testers gliding across the floor.
  • Best Budget: Moosoo 4-in-1
    For under $100, this is a fantastic stick and handheld convertible vacuum.
  • Best Splurge: Samsung Jet 90
    Adjustable stick height, clever attachments, and multiple brush heads make this cordless vacuum worth the money.
  • Best Corded: Shark Vertex Ultralight
    This corded stick vacuum sucked up pet hair quickly and easily, and the self-propelling feature makes cleaning an effortless chore.
  • Best for Small Spaces: Shark Wandvac
    This slim, cordless stick vacuum is collapsible for easy storage, and at $200, it's a high-quality vacuum at an affordable price.
  • Best for Large Spaces: Dyson Outsize
    With a half-gallon bin volume and powerful suction, this stick vacuum has the features of an upright model without the hassle of a cord.

How We Tested


We put each vacuum through a series of studio tests and at-home trials. Our studio tests involved vacuuming up dirt, hair, pet fur, and cat litter, as well as whole and crushed cereal on a variety of surfaces: low and high pile carpet, shag and textured rugs, and tile. We documented how much of the mess remained after one back-and-forth swipe, and if any crumbs were left behind, we recorded how long it took to vacuum up the entire mess.

tineco vacuums
Erica Snyder

After we ran each vacuum through the studio tests, we tested their durability by knocking them over and running them into baseboards, taking note of any damage to the vacuum or dustbin. We also checked the ease of assembly and warranty terms, tested battery life, and contacted each brand's customer service team.

Then, we sent the vacuums home with our testers for at-home trials involving everyday use, and polled editors who owned the vacuum models for six months or more to find out how they really hold up.

Keep scrolling to see our results and choose the best stick vacuum for your cleaning needs.

Best Overall: Tineco Pure ONE S11

best stick vacuum buying guide

What you'll love: A smart sensor that detects dirt while you clean, plus a lightweight and sleek design.
You should know: Long hair got tangled in the brush roll.

The Tineco Pure ONE S11 cordless stick vacuum was a tester favorite. It's a big step up from the beloved Tineco A11 Hero, and even at $100 more than the Hero, it's worth it. As you vacuum, the smart sensor screen changes from red to blue so that you can see when it's cleaned every last bit of cat litter or cereal crumbs off your floor. It's lightweight, quiet, and has a battery life of 40 minutes.

Our favorite feature? You can hold down the trigger to power your vacuum, but a lever also flips down to hold the trigger for you, if you'd prefer that option.

tineco vacuum
Erica Snyder
Erica Snyder, ecommerce production coordinator

I upgraded from a budget vacuum to this, and they aren't even comparable. The first big 'test' was cleaning up after my girlfriend's birthday party last week, and it didn't disappoint. It did a great job picking up dirt, crumbs, and pieces of cake. Cleanup was exponentially easier than with my previous vacuum.

Erica Snyder, ecommerce production coordinator

Best for Hardwood Floors: Dyson Omni-Glide

best stick vacuum buying guide

What you'll love: The handle placement and soft roller brush make it easy to maneuver.
You should know: This doesn't work well on carpet.

The Dyson Omni-Glide cordless stick vacuum actually glides across the floor as you vacuum. It is effortlessly easy to maneuver and its soft rollers pick up anything and everything in its path. The handle placement is convenient for vacuuming in all directions, and it has a power button, so you don't have to hold down the trigger, as with other Dyson models.

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At the end of our photoshoot day, we reached for this vacuum to quickly clean up all of the messy props. It even vacuumed the photoshoot backdrop without damaging it. This cordless stick vacuum's suction power is perfectly formulated for hard flooring.

dyson vacuum
Erica Snyder
Christina Butan, Amazon ecommerce writer

Anyone who's considered investing in a second vacuum for hard floors should consider the Dyson Omni-Glide. I keep mine near the kitchen and it comes in handy time and time again, whether I've accidentally spilled coffee grounds or the floor could just use a fast vacuuming. I also have a cat who gets litter everywhere, and I rely on the Omni-Glide to clean up her messes.

Christina Butan, Amazon ecommerce writer

Best Budget: Moosoo 4-in-1

best stick vacuum buying guide

What you'll love: The affordable price, easy-to-grip handle, and shorter stick height.
You should know: While it powerfully sucked up cat litter and dirt, it struggled to vacuum up cereal.

For under $100, this is a great cordless stick vacuum. It sucked up embedded dirt just as well as vacuums four times the price. And at 43 inches tall, it sits at a much more comfortable height for users on the petite side.

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Hannah Freedman, ecommerce content strategy manager

My Moosoo vacuum is lightweight, highly maneuverable, and works especially well on my hardwood floors. It holds a charge well, isn't too loud, and picks up the usual debris without any issues. While it's great for the usual dust and dirt piles, it has a harder time with bigger items like stray down comforter feathers or popcorn, but for the price point, the Moosoo is an excellent cordless vacuum option, especially if your home has a lot of tile or hardwood.

Hannah Freedman, ecommerce content strategy manager

Best Splurge: Samsung Jet 90

best stick vacuum buying guide

What you'll love: Its powerful suction, adjustable stick height, and clever attachments
Keep in mind: Emptying the dustbin is a little more complicated, as you have to detach the bin and remove two filters first.

The Samsung Jet 90 sucked up our staged mess in just one swipe, and it left freshly-cleaned vacuum carpet lines in the process. You can adjust the height of this vacuum, and it also comes with multiple brush heads for different flooring types and an option to buy a spin mop head.

Erica Snyder
Amina Lake Abdelrahman, product reviews writer

I love the Jet 90 so much that whenever the topic of vacuums comes up in conversations, I'm always raving about it to anyone who will listen. It's extremely versatile and powerful, so it sucks up everything from crumbs in the kitchen to hair embedded in my area rug...I also use it as a handheld vacuum nearly every day for quick cleanups. It has never disappointed me.

Amina Lake Abdelrahman, product reviews writer

Best for Small Spaces: Shark Wandvac

best stick vacuum buying guide

What you'll love: It's available in a variety of colors, breaks down for easy storage, and has a sleek design.
You should know: The dustbin is very small.

The Shark Wandvac is incredibly sleek, comes in various colors (such as sage and rose gold), and packs a surprising amount of power into a small device. Our tester loved reaching for this for everyday cleanups around her small apartment, and the top of the vacuum detaches and hooks to the bottom for easy storage on the charging dock.

Erin Johnson, senior product reviews writer

I cannot stress this enough: I love this vacuum. It's so small, so powerful, and I love that it comes in trending colors. I think Shark is really pushing the envelope on what a vacuum can look and feel like, and the Wandvac is a perfect example of that. I truly look forward to using this vacuum daily.

Erin Johnson, senior product reviews writer

Best Corded: Shark Vertex Ultralight

best stick vacuum buying guide

What you'll love: The self-propelling feature, LED lighting, and self-cleaning brushroll
You should know: It blows warm air out of the motor as you vacuum.

If you don't want to have to worry about battery life, you'll want to choose a corded stick vacuum, and the Shark Vertex Ultralight is a fantastic pick. It self-propels, making cleaning effortless, and the LED lights illuminate your mess, so you can confidently clean anything that's in your path. The cord is 30 feet long, so you'll be able to clean a large amount of space from the same outlet.

Claudia Fisher, ecommerce deputy digital director

This worked really well on my wool shag rug and wool woven rugboth of which are notorious for shedding and trapping dirt. They weren't spotless, but I was still impressed by how much better my rugs looked after using this vacuum compared to my other stick model.

Claudia Fisher, ecommerce deputy digital director

Best for Large Spaces: Dyson Outsize

best stick vacuum buying guide

What you'll love: It has an extra-large dustbin, powerful suction, and a two-hour battery life.
You should know: It's so powerful that it can be a bit hard to push.

If you like the look and feel of a stick vacuum but have a large space, this is the vacuum for you. It stands at 50 inches tall, has a half-gallon volume dustbin, and a 12.5-inch brush head, so it can pick up more mess in less swipes.

dyson vaccum
Erica Snyder

If you're familiar with the Dyson V8 model, this is a super-sized version. It has three modes: eco, normal, and max, and a battery life of 120 minutes, so you can clean your large space without having to stop and recharge mid-clean. However, our tester found that it's so powerful, it's a bit of a workout to vacuum back and forth.


vacuum testing
Erica Snyder

How do I find the best stick vacuum for me?

When shopping for the best stick vacuum, consider your flooring type, the size of your space, and any special features you'll need. If your home has wall-to-wall carpet, you'll likely choose a stick vacuum with powerful suction. If you have hardwood floors, a soft roller brush head like the Dyson Omni-Glide or the Samsung Jet 90 would better suit you.

The size of your space should also factor into your vacuum choice, as you'll want to consider storage and battery life. Do you have a closet to store your cleaning supplies, or are you looking for a vacuum—like the Shark Wandvac, Dyson, or Tineco—that breaks into smaller pieces or mounts on the wall for easy storage? If you live in a one-bedroom apartment, the Bissell or Wandvac's 20-minute battery life might be all you need, but if you live in a large house, you're going to want to look for longer battery life, such as the Dyson Outsize's 120-minute run time.

If you're a traditionalist, special features and clever attachments might not be important to you. However, tech-smart vacuums like the Tineco Pure ONE S11 with features such as smart sensor technology or LED lighting make cleaning more efficient and fun for some.

How long do stick vacuums last?

A good stick vacuum should last around five years, but you'll want to check the conditions of your warranty when paying top-dollar. Most warranties don't cover normal wear-and-tear, but always contact customer service to see if they have a solution for the issue before you dispose of your vacuum.

How often should I clean my vacuum?

Yes, it's an extra chore, but experts advise that you should empty the dustbin and clean the brush head and attachments after each use. Clean the filter once a month, and allow it to dry before placing it back in your vacuum. Once a year, you should completely disassemble and clean the vacuum pieces before putting them back together.

Other Stick Vacuums We Tested

These stick vacuums didn't quite make our "Best Of" list, but they have other stand-out features worth noting.

Bissell ICONPet

best stick vacuum buying guide

The Bissell ICONPet excelled at picking up dust and pet fur, but the stick clogged up when tackling larger messes. For each vacuum purchase, Bissell covers a pet adoption fee, so you can efficiently clean up your pet's fur knowing that you're helping another one find a home.

Oreck POD

best stick vacuum buying guide

Although the Oreck POD was easy to assemble and scored high marks for its design and maneuverability, testers spent a lot of time cutting tangled hair off of the brushroll and figuring out how to change the pod. But for someone who likes the idea of a bagged cordless vacuum, the Oreck POD is a great option.

Dirt Devil Power Express Lite

best stick vacuum buying guide

The Dirt Devil Power Stick has impressive suction power for a budget vacuum and worked well on hardwood and tile surfaces. It's not self-propelled, so it was harder to use on carpeting and textured rugs, but this corded stick vacuum is still a pleasant surprise.

LG CordZero All-in-One Tower

best stick vacuum buying guide

The LG CordZero All-In-One Tower has a shockingly beautiful design. Its self-emptying tower means you never have to interact with any debris, and the adjustable stick height is great for both petite and tall users. However, at nearly $1,000, it's a large investment for a vacuum. It comes with a 10-year limited warranty on its Smart Inverter Motor, but only a one-year limited warranty on parts.

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