No messy creams necessary.
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Sabrina Silver jewelry polishing cloth
Credit: Amazon

A couple Christmases ago, tucked inside a box containing a beautiful pair of earrings, I received a tiny present that may be even better than the jewelry itself: a metal polishing cloth. At first, I didn’t think much of the unassuming square of fabric, but after wearing my new silver earrings for a couple weeks, I realized how amazing this simple cleaning cloth was. Without having to use any messy creams or time-consuming soaks, this magical cloth was somehow able to make the metal look brand-new within just a couple minutes. For those who don’t have time to treat their jewelry to a mini bubble bath once per week (who does?), but can handle giving their accessories a quick polish while watching Netflix, this cloth is about to change the jewelry-cleaning game.

The best-selling jewelry polishing cloth on Amazon, this large 12-by-15-inch cloth costs just $7, and has more than 2,000 positive reviews from verified purchases. While the non-toxic fabric was originally developed for polishing silver by the company Sabrina Silver, it also works on most other metals, including copper, brass, and gold. In the reviews, several customers share their before-and-after pictures, so you can see firsthand how it makes all types of metals shine.

The double-sided cloth has two functions: the cream side cleans tarnish from the metal, while the blue side buffs it to a sparkly shine. You won’t need to use any cleansers with this pre-treated cloth, but if the pieces are very tarnished, adding a bit of water can help. While this cloth works wonders on a wide range of metal jewelry, it’s not intended to be used on porous stones—so steer clear of pearls, opals, coral, lapis, malachite, and other soft stones.

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Want to prevent your jewelry from tarnishing in the first place? Sabrina Silver says proper storage is key. Luckily, you won’t need to invest in a fancy storage system to keep your rings and bracelets pristine. The company says that a resealable plastic bag (away from open air and any natural rubber material) is the best home for your jewelry.