And did we mention it has more than 7,000 five-star reviews?

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated June 05, 2018
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As an editor at Real Simple, I frequently find myself looking up all types of cleaning wisdom on the internet. Sometimes it's how to clean with a lemon, other times it's cleaning hacks for dryer sheets, but this morning, I found myself Googling, What's the best-selling vacuum on Amazon? And when I saw that the top spot went to this $20 Dirt Devil, it stopped me in my tracks. Digging a little deeper into the reviews, I found that many customers swore by this inexpensive, lightweight cleaning device, and I knew I'd found the vacuum I'd been searching for.

Truth be told, I've been using the same vacuum for a decade, the same lime green model I originally bought for my college dorm room. It's heavy and bulky to store, and when it accidentally toppled onto my foot while I was cleaning this past weekend (and have the developing bruise to prove it), I knew it was finally time to find a replacement. Reading the description of the Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik Lightweight Corded Bagless Stick Vacuum, I couldn't help but notice that it weighs less than four pounds, meaning I won't have any more vacuuming-related injuries, and I won't break a sweat carrying it from room to room.

In a relatively small apartment, figuring out where to store my bulky vacuum was always a struggle. With just a couple closets in total, it took up valuable storage space that could have been devoted to clothing or shoes. But the Dirt Devil's super-slim design—it's just 6 inches wide—means it can tuck into the corner of a closet without interfering with the dresses stored right beside it.

In terms of price, weight, and design, I was sold—but does it really work? According to the more than 7,000 reviewers who gave it a five-star rating, it really does. Most impressively, it seems to tackle hair and pet fur with surprising ease. Want the visual proof? Reviewer Jane Z cleaned up a gigantic pile of fur from her two shedding huskies (you don't want to miss this photo), and the Dirt Devil tackled the mountain of fur. Another reviewer came across the Dirt Devil when searching for a toy vacuum for her daughter. It ended up being more affordable than the toy alternatives—and even better, it really works.

Whether you're like me and looking to upgrade your outdated vacuum, or just want to give your kids a birthday present that cunningly tricks them into helping with the housework, this $20 Dirt Devil is exactly what you've been waiting for.