The 8 Best Glass Cleaners for Streak-Free Windows, Mirrors, and More

We like Hope's Perfect Glass Cleaner because it’s an ammonia-free formula that can be used on all types of glass surfaces.

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The average home has an array of glass surfaces to clean. Whether you're working with shower doors in the bathroom or oven doors in the kitchen, a good glass cleaner can be the difference between endless scrubbing and getting a shiny surface with minimal effort.

To come up with this list of the best glass cleaners, we thoroughly researched these products and considered factors like formula, scent, efficiency, and price. We also spoke to Maria Lopez, founder of West Clean, a professional cleaning services company, for expert advice on how to shop for glass cleaners.

"Customers should look for a glass cleaner with a good formula made specifically for the surface they want to clean," says Lopez. "There are many on the market for various uses, but we like to use eco-friendly options that are kinder to the environment but still formulated to efficiently cut through grease and dirt."

Find more of our glass cleaner recommendations below, and keep scrolling for answers to all your glass cleaning questions.

Best Overall Glass Cleaner

Hope's Perfect Glass Cleaning Spray

HOPE'S Perfect Glass Cleaner Spray


Who it's for: People who want one glass cleaner that works on most surfaces.

Who it isn't for: People who have extremely dirty or grimy surfaces to clean.

Hope's Perfect Glass Cleaner might cost a bit more than your average spray, but we love that it gets the job done quickly and with very little elbow grease. Even though it's usually best to use specific glass cleaners for different surfaces, we like the idea of having one go-to product that can do it all. This spray promises—and delivers—streak-free cleaning of mirrors, windows, and glass-top furniture. It can also be used on glass TV screens—just always double-check to ensure any electronics can handle a glass cleaner, and spray it on a cloth first as opposed to directly onto the screen.

Its formula doesn't contain any ammonia, which makes it suitable for tinted glass and film-coated glass surfaces, too. You can even use it to shine stainless sinks, faucets, and appliances. It gets to work quickly with minimal wiping required, and you can use either paper towels or the included microfiber cloth. It doesn't leave any residue behind, so be careful when using it on your sliding glass doors—this thing will shine them up so well that you and your pets might not even notice them. Just keep in mind that if your surfaces are extremely dirty or have lots of stuck-on grime, then you'll need to put in a bit more work to get them clean. If that's the case, try using warm water and dish soap first, then use this glass cleaner as a finishing touch to shine them.

Product Details:

  • Type: Spray
  • Size: 32 ounces

Best Glass Cleaner for Mirrors

Windex Original Glass Cleaner

Windex Glass and Window Cleaner Spray


Who it's for: People who want a classic cleaner that makes their mirrors spotless.

Who it isn't for: People who want a glass cleaner that doesn't contain ammonia.

Windex is one of the most popular brands of glass cleaners on the market, and it's for good reason. It works on all sorts of glass surfaces, but it's incredibly effective at cleaning mirrors that immediately show and amplify smudges, fingerprints, and specks of dirt. Even though its formula contains ammonia, it uses much less than it used to and doesn't give off a pungent chemical smell. This allows the glass cleaner to cut through dirt and grime more efficiently without irritating the user—just make sure you still use it in a well-ventilated area. And if you'd rather avoid the chemical altogether, you can opt for the ammonia-free version instead.

What we particularly like about Windex's glass cleaner is that it's available in many different versions to suit your specific cleaning needs. If you find yourself going through it at warp speed, it's available in a large one-gallon container so you can refill existing spray bottles (which, by the way, are made with recycled ocean-bound plastic).

Product Details:

  • Type: Spray
  • Size: 23 ounces

Best Eco-Friendly Glass Cleaner

Method Glass Cleaner



Who it's for: People who want a non-toxic glass cleaner that's friendly to the environment.

Who it isn't for: People who prefer unscented cleaning products.

Trying to be more environmentally friendly is a bit easier when you use natural cleaning products. Like Method's other products, this glass cleaner is cruelty-free and made from biodegradable ingredients that are plant-, mineral-, and water-based. The only synthetic ingredient in this glass cleaner is the minty-fresh fragrance. The scent is pleasant and not overpowering, but keep in mind that it does linger a bit.

As the glass cleaner of choice for the professional cleaning crew at West Clean, this spray doesn't contain ammonia but still does an excellent job at cleaning. It can easily remove dust and dirt from glass and other non-porous surfaces (like stainless steel). The spray bottles are made from 100-percent recycled plastic, and the formula is free of chemicals and toxins. Unlike many other "green" cleaning products, Method's glass cleaners are reasonably priced, which makes them much more accessible.

Product Details:

  • Type: Spray
  • Size: 28 ounces per bottle

Best Foam Glass Cleaner

Sprayway Glass Cleaner Aerosol Spray

Glass Cleaner


Who it's for: People who need a heavy-duty glass cleaner for tough jobs.

Who it isn't for: People who would rather not use aerosols.

Its name might seem like an exaggeration, but the Sprayway World's Best Glass Cleaner actually works wonders—and professional cleaners and homeowners alike are avid fans. It stands out because its foam formula sticks to dirt and grime and won't run down windows or mirrors, which saves you from having to scrub for ages. It only takes a few gentle wipes with a microfiber cloth to reveal gleaming glass surfaces in no time.

Although it works for everyday cleaning jobs too, this foam glass cleaner is best for heavy-duty messes in (and outside of) your home: It can tackle the dirty outdoor table that you need to clean after a BBQ and grimy kitchen appliances that have been splattered with cooking oil. With its impressive cleaning power, this product was definitely a runner-up for the best overall spot on our list—we just wish it wasn't an aerosol, which can have a negative impact on the planet.

Product Details:

  • Type: Foam, aerosol can
  • Size: 19 ounces per can

Best Glass Cleaner for Windows

Invisible Glass Glass Cleaner Spray

Invisible Glass Cleaner and Window Spray


Who it's for: People who have a lot of windows to clean.

Who it isn't for: People who would prefer a less runny product.

If your home has a lot of windows, the Invisible Glass cleaning spray will do just what it says on the bottle—make the glass look invisible. It doesn't create any clouds or streaks, and it won't leave behind a film either. This water-based glass cleaner is rather runny, so you have to act fast by wiping it off right after applying it. Although it might seem counterintuitive, spraying on more product will help prevent streaking from the runoff. This glass cleaner's consistency makes it perfect for large windows—just spray towards the top and squeegee the rest off. On filthy windows (and even mirrors), spray generously on the glass surface, remove it with a squeegee, then wipe with a cloth for a streak-free finish.

For light cleaning tasks, such as weekly dusting and shining of mirrors or glass cabinet doors, you can spray some of this product on a cloth first and then wipe down the surface to prevent stray drips. This cleaner also makes a good choice for cleaning cars because you can use it on both the inside and outside, and on windows, mirrors, and headlights too. There's no scent other than a slight chemical odor when you first spray it, but it goes away very shortly after the product dries and doesn't linger for very long.

Product Details:

  • Type: Spray
  • Size: 32 ounces per bottle

Best Glass Cleaner for Shower Doors

Clean Shower Daily Shower Cleaner 2 Pack

Daily Shower Cleaner

Courtesy of Target

Who it's for: People who loathe scrubbing their shower doors.

Who it isn't for: People who have refinished, natural stone, or natural marble showers or tubs.

Floor-to-ceiling glass shower doors might look sleek, but they can be a pain to clean. To keep water spots and soap scum at bay, you'll need a good shower cleaning product like this one from Clean Shower. The affordable spray has been specifically formulated to deter marks and stains from hard water on the surfaces of your shower or bathroom.

For best results, the first time you use this spray should be on freshly cleaned and scrubbed surfaces. After that, every time you take a shower, spray it on the damp shower doors (and any other surface you want to keep free from water stains). You won't even have to wipe it away or rub it off. You can also use this cleaner on shower curtains, drains, and faucets. The formula is designed so that water just rolls off your shower doors instead of sticking and drying on, so they stay nice and clean. While it's not meant for cleaning mold or mildew, the spray will eliminate the need for serious scrubbing during your regular bathroom cleaning sessions. You should also avoid using this product on refinished, natural stone, or natural marble surfaces.

Product Details:

  • Type: Spray
  • Size: 32 ounces

Best Glass Cleaner for Cooktops

Weiman Glass Cook Top Cleaner and Polish Kit

Weiman Glass Cook Top Cleaner & Polish Kit


Who it's for: People who need to remove stuck-on food and stains from their glass cooktops.

Who it isn't for: People who are looking for a product to eliminate scratches.

This popular cooktop cleaner from Weiman not only shines up glass oven surfaces, but it also gets rid of burned and stuck-on food. Safe for induction cooktops, this cleaning product is different from most other glass cleaners because it's a cream that needs to be rubbed on, scrubbed, and then wiped or buffed off. The non-abrasive formula won't scratch your delicate cooktops, but note that it won't be able to eliminate any existing scratches or deeper marks, either.

This product comes in a kit with everything you need to clean food and oil-stained glass or ceramic surfaces, including cooktops and oven doors. In addition to the cleaning cream, you get a razor for scraping off caked-on food and a scouring pad with an easy-to-grip plastic handle to scrub off any remaining dirt. Once all the gunk is released, you can simply wipe it clean with a cloth or paper towel.

Product Details:

  • Type: Cream
  • Size: 10 ounces

Best Glass Cleaner for Cars

Rain-X 2-in-1 Glass Cleaner + Rain Repellent

Rain-x Glass Cleaner + Rain Repellent


Who it's for: Anyone who has ever wished that their windshield wipers had a faster setting.

Who it isn't for: People who want a glass cleaner to use on the interior of their car.

A must-have for car owners who live in areas prone to rain, this innovative glass spray will clean your car's windows until they're gleaming. The Rain-X glass cleaner has rain-repelling properties that ultimately provide clearer visibility while driving through rainstorms. Its formula is designed to make water bead up and quickly roll off the glass instead of streaming down the windshield and limiting your range of vision. It's particularly helpful for side windows that don't have wipers, so it will save you from having to open the window (and get drenched) to check your blind spot.

In addition to being great for rain, this car glass cleaner will also prevent ice, snow, and even bugs from sticking to the glass—and if they do get stuck, they'll effortlessly wipe away once you activate your windshield wipers. The product doesn't leave any streaks or wipe marks either, so you won't see any surprises on the windshield when the sun hits just so. Though it's great for the car exteriors, you can also use the Rain-X on shower doors, house windows, and other glass surfaces that frequently contact water.

Product Details:

  • Type: Spray
  • Size: 23 ounces

Final Verdict

We recommend Hope's Perfect Glass Cleaner because it can clean all sorts of glass and shiny surfaces, including windows, mirrors, glass-top furniture, and even some screened devices and TVs. The ammonia-free glass cleaner will leave a streak-free and sparkling finish with minimal scrubbing and wiping.

How to Shop for Glass Cleaners Like a Pro



While most glass cleaners are liquids in spray bottles with a trigger for easy application, there are other options too, like creams and pastes. Foam glass cleaners usually come in aerosol cans and expand once sprayed on the glass surface. These types of formulas are ideal for tough cleaning tasks like getting rid of dirt and water spots. Like foam, pastes and creams are also built for cleaning stuck-on grime like bird droppings on windows, toothpaste on bathroom mirrors, and mold on shower doors. These will need to be rinsed off with a damp cloth after product application and then wiped dry to get the glass shiny.

Glass cleaning wipes have also become popular in the past few years, and they're super convenient for quick cleanups. Even though they could be equally as effective as your average glass cleaner, wipes aren't very eco-friendly and end up being more expensive. Plus, you'll need to wear gloves when cleaning with wipes since the product will come into direct contact with your skin.


Alcohol and ammonia are two ingredients that are traditionally found in glass cleaners. Ammonia, while able to easily tackle dirt and grease, is an ingredient that can cause irritation when inhaled or in direct contact with skin. It's also unsuitable for tinted windows as it could ruin and discolor the finish. Alcohol is another grime-fighting ingredient that isn't as toxic as ammonia, but it should still be used in a well-ventilated room to avoid irritation.

If you're looking for alternatives, many eco-friendly companies have come out with products that use gentle, non-toxic, and plant-based active ingredients (like white vinegar) instead. These mild ingredients might require a bit of extra scrubbing to get your glass squeaky clean.


Lopez advises buying a specific glass cleaner that's designed for the surface you want to clean. A glass cleaner made for getting rid of tough water spots isn't necessary for hallway mirrors, and your everyday glass cleaner won't be enough for grimy cooktops. For TVs, laptops, and other electronics with screens, a specialty cleaning spray would be the best option.

Each product will have recommended usage directions written on it, and it's advisable to stick to those instructions to avoid any mishaps. For instance, some cleaners advise users to spray the product onto a cloth first instead of directly onto the glass surface for a streak-free finish. You may find that other glass cleaners, like foams or pastes, suggest letting the product sit for a few minutes to "activate" before wiping it off.

In any event, glass cleaners are typically used to shine, and so any particularly dirty surface will need a bit of extra work. "We clean dirty surfaces thoroughly with either a specialized cleaner (depending on the type of dirt that needs to be tackled) or a gentle mixture of dish soap and warm water with a soft sponge," Lopez says. "Once the area is thoroughly clean, we'll go over it with a glass cleaner to get it sparkling."


If strong scents irritate you or make you sneeze, then you should look for a fragrance-free glass cleaner. Any alcohol-based cleaners will usually smell a bit like alcohol, but milder and non-toxic cleaners can come in fragrance-free versions and essential oil-based fragrances that are barely noticeable. Vinegar cleaners, while effective, eco-friendly, and non-toxic, do give off a very distinct smell that lasts a few minutes before disappearing.

Questions You Might Ask

Do glass cleaners disinfect?

In general, glass cleaners do not disinfect—their main purpose is to make mirrors and windows shiny and free of marks, according to Lopez. Even though many of the cleaners contain alcohol, a known disinfectant, their formulas are not designed to eliminate germs and bacteria (unless explicitly stated on the label). However, you can consider using a disinfectant before a glass cleaner to get rid of germs.

Can you use glass cleaners on other surfaces?

For your other surfaces in the kitchen or bathroom, an all-purpose cleaner would work better than one that's specifically for glass. When it comes to TVs or electronics, Lopez says that it's best to stick to cleaners that have been specifically formulated for the product. "A gentle glass cleaner could potentially clean some of the newer, expensive TVs with glass screens, but check with the TV manufacturer first," Lopez says. To err on the side of caution, it's best to stick to a screen cleaning cloth instead to avoid causing any damage to your devices.

What's the most effective way to use glass cleaner?

You don't need anything fancy to use with a glass cleaner. Even though there are many glass cleaning cloths available, paper towels are often the best option. "Glass cleaner is best used with paper towels, but old newspaper is also very efficient and has been used for decades to clean and shine glass," Lopez explains. "If there is a lot of glass, such as floor-to-ceiling windows or wall-to-wall mirrors, we use a squeegee with a blade designed to speedily clean large surfaces." When using a squeegee on these larger surfaces, Lopez recommends using water with a little bit of dish soap first.

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