The 11 Best Cleaning Products for Every Part of Your Home, According to Real Simple Editors

Including a powerful robot vacuum and a genius cast-iron pan scraper.

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It's important to have reliable cleaning supplies on hand all year long (not just during your annual spring cleaning!) so you can tackle any mess that occurs in your home. That's why we rounded up the best cleaning products you can buy online right now from Amazon. Plus, all of these picks were selected by Real Simple editors, so you know they're actually worth buying.

Our team tries out hundreds of products each year in search of the best tools and gadgets to make your life easier—then use the ones that make the cut at home in our daily routines. So whether you're looking for a vacuum that'll actually make you look forward to cleaning or a pan scraper that'll make your cast-iron cookware look new again, there's a game-changing cleaning product on this list for you. Not only will these supplies help you clean every room in your house, from the bathroom to the kitchen, but they'll also make it much easier to get the job done quickly.

P.S. Since your typical household cleaners (like disinfectants and multipurpose sprays) keep selling out online and in stores due to the coronavirus outbreak, we'll be sure to update this list with more editors' picks once they become available.

Ready to make cleaning your home so much easier? These are the best cleaning products to buy in 2020, according to Real Simple editors:

Best Laundry Detergent: Arm & Hammer Sensitive Scent Power Paks

Home Cleaning Supplies

Designed for people with sensitive skin, these laundry detergent pods are formulated with a fresh scent that won't cause irritation. Even if no one in your family needs a hypoallergenic detergent, you'll still appreciate the clean scent. "I love to do laundry now just so I can sniff my piles of fresh-out-of-the-dryer clothes," says Leslie Corona, senior associate home editor at Real Simple.

To buy: $5;

Best for Kitchen: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Lemon Verbena Dish Soap Refill

Home Cleaning Supplies

Dish soap is one of those kitchen staples that you may not give much thought to, but some brands are better than others. Corona considers this plant-derived option to be superior to others because it "feels gentle on hands but it's still effective at cutting through greasy pots and plates," she says. "I'm extremely sensitive to odors, and this doesn't leave behind a weird soapy smell (or taste) after dishes have dried. On top of all this, I appreciate that the bottles are refillable!"

To buy: $10;

Best for Carpets: Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction Vacuum

Home Cleaning Supplies

You know you found the ultimate cleaning product when you get excited just thinking about using it. If your vacuum doesn't make you look forward to cleaning, you might want to give this Miele one a try. "After dragging around a heavy upright for years, we bought a Miele canister vacuum that changed our cleaning lives. It's so light and easy to maneuver," says Jenna Helwig, food director. "My husband enjoys it so much he literally looks for excuses to vacuum. Fine by me!"

To buy: $400;

Best for Hardwood Floors: Better Life Natural Floor Cleaner

Home Cleaning Supplies

Real Simple home director Stephanie Sisco loves this natural cleaning product for floors. "[It has] a wonderful (not cloying) fragrance, can be used on multiple floor types, and is safe for kids and pets," she says. Just squirt a bit of the biodegradable formula directly onto the floor and start mopping—it won't leave any streaks behind.

To buy: $4 (was $6);

Best Pet-Safe Option: Nature's Miracle Dog Stain & Odor Remover

Home Cleaning Supplies

As much as we all love our furry four-legged friends, sometimes we wish they were a little less messy. Use this effective formula to prevent all types of pet stains and smells from permanently settling in. "Nature's Miracle has saved my rugs more often than I'd like to admit," says Jennifer Davidson, Real Simple deputy editor. "It's not only great for erasing any signs of pet stains, but tackles food and drink stains as well. It truly is a miracle product!"

To buy: $11 (was $13);

Best for Bathrooms: Joseph Joseph Flex Toilet Brush

Home Cleaning Supplies

Toilet brushes are an essential for keeping your bathroom clean, but they're pretty gross when you think about all the germs hiding in the bristles. Silicone toilet cleaners, like this one from Joseph Joseph, are a more sanitary alternative to regular brushes. Corona uses a similar option at home and says it's so much easier to disinfect.

To buy: $20;

Best for Cookware: Lodge Pan Scraper

Home Cleaning Supplies

This tiny gadget from the cast-iron specialists at Lodge will help keep your cookware in tip-top shape, and it's a favorite of senior editor Katie Holdefehr. The angled edges are perfect for cleaning those hard-to-reach corners of your pans. "It makes it easy to scrape off burnt-on food from cast-iron pans, and I even use it on my enameled Le Creuset," she says. "Any mess that I fear will take an hour to clean is gone without five minutes."

To buy: $7 for two;

Best Kid-Safe Option: Dreft Portable Pretreater Pen

Home Cleaning Supplies

Sisco calls this pretreater pen a "lifesaver" because it's the perfect on-the-go stain remover. The pretreater pen is specially designed to be safe and effective for babies' clothes, but it works on all other types of stains, too. "I keep one in my purse, one in the kitchen, and one at my desk so I'm always prepared in case of a spill (it's inevitable!)," Sisco adds.

To buy: $18 for six;

Best for Stains: Shout Stain Remover Wipes

Home Cleaning Supplies

If you're looking for an even more portable stain remover, try these individually wrapped wipes. "Nothing ruins my day quicker than a clothing stain, so I always travel with one of these stashed inside my purse," says Hana Hong, associate editor. "I've tried just about every stain remover on the market, and this one has worked better than all of them."

To buy: $8;

Best for Pet Hair: Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S

Home Cleaning Supplies

Not everyone enjoys vacuuming, and if you're one of those people, a self-operating vacuum will come in handy. The Eufy programmable robot vacuum runs for up to 100 minutes at a time after one charge, sucking up dirt, dust, and more—no work required on your end. Lisa Milbrand, Real Simple copywriter, uses it at home to clean up after her two kids, two cats, and one dog. "It really does a great job of keeping up with the pet hair and messes," she says.

To buy: $220;

Best Eco-Friendly Option: e-cloth Chemical-Free Cleaning Home Starter Kit

Home Cleaning Supplies

Trying to live more sustainably? This set will help you cut back on regular paper towels so you can reduce waste while cleaning up at home. The set comes with five cloths in total—four multipurpose cloths and a polishing cloth—that can be used to clean kitchens, bathrooms, windows, and more. "I use these cloths for all my mirrors and now they're spotless and streak-free," says Corona. "Microfiber cloths work well but these work even better on glass!"

To buy: $25 for five;

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