Amazon Now Has a Section Devoted to Cleaning Hacks—Here Are the 10 Best Buys

Our top choices start at $11.

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Discovering new organization hacks sometimes comes with an unexpected loophole: The time it takes to find these gadgets in the first place cancels out any seconds they might otherwise save while in use. After all, it's not like smart storage solutions simply pop out of thin air.

Now you no longer have to sift through pages upon pages of tools to find something that fits your needs. Amazon just launched a page specifically curated with spring cleaning hacks, and it's the ideal destination for anyone seeking a simple solution to their cleaning woes.

Here you'll find smart vacuums that work on carpets and wood floors, reusable food containers for produce, grains, and meats, and compact clothing irons for travel and beyond. These items are designed to give you back time in your day by working simply and efficiently. There won't be a ton of guesswork or manual reading with these products, nor will there be mishaps or disappointments.

Among the hundreds of cleaning and storage picks spread throughout these pages, we found 10 that stand out. Our favorites come with thousands of five-star reviews written by real shoppers, and they start at just $11. Check them out below.

Zip Top Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bags

Amazon Home Goods

Keep your fruits and veggies as organized as can be with these reusable storage bags. The unique cup, dish, and bag designs come eight to a set and are ideal for food prep and leftovers. Shoppers love the zip tops for storage and organization.

"No more hunting for the right lid because this seals without one," wrote one five-star reviewer. "I also like that the container is quite substantial, meaning it's not flimsy."

PuTwo Cosmetics Organizer

Amazon Home Goods

Most of the time, messes arise when the smallest items don't have a home. Cut the clutter and get your Q-Tips, cotton swabs, and lip glosses together in a few minutes with this holder. The clear finish is stylish and makes it easy to find whatever item you're searching for.

"This is exactly what I needed to get my counter uncluttered," wrote one shopper. "It's nicely made and is pretty."

Prepdeck Recipe Preparation Kit and Storage

Amazon Home Goods

This might look like a simple rectangular box, but the Prepdeck kit folds out into a two-tiered station of containers complete with a waste basket. In addition to these holders, the kitchen accessory comes with a bottle opener, veggie peeler, garlic grater, and a slicer. Shoppers say it's a time- and energy-saver.

"I'm a new mom, who works long hours during the day," explained one user. "This product simplifies my meal preps! It helps me save time (which I don't have much of these days), it's neat and organized (perfect for my OCD tendencies) and it's extremely user friendly."

Oliso M2 Pro Mini Project Iron

Amazon Home Goods

Good things come in small packages and this miniature iron proves it. Packed with 1,000 watts of power, the Oliso M2 Pro reaches its highest heat setting in under a minute. It also comes with a ceramic "solemate" holder that prevents surfaces from burning when the iron is placed facedown. Use it on the road or at home.

"This little iron is amazing, don't let the size fool you," wrote one five-star reviewer. "It gets really hot and the steam feature is great. I purchased it for traveling with my quilting projects, but I like it so much I'll be using it at home too."

FurZapper Double Pack Pet Hair Remover

Amazon Home Goods

No, this isn't a pet toy—but it is an essential for all pet owners. These innovative gadgets remove pet hair from clothes, bedding, and towels while in the wash. They catch fur, lint, and fuzz for you, so you won't have to spend time lint rolling.

"We have two Ragdoll long hair cats, and a 239-pound English mastiff who sheds so much I have no idea how he still has hair. Seriously, our Roomba chokes when it comes time to vacuum," wrote one shopper. "All I do is throw two of these in with the wash load and then remove them once it's done drying. It saves your dryer too."

RevoClean 4 Piece Scrub Brush

Amazon Home Goods

Grout doesn't stand a chance with this funky brush. It might look a bit dramatic, but it fights tough stains and saves you from arm strain at the same time. Ideal for polishing up tiles, tubs, and showers, the cleaner heads won't scratch or damage surfaces because it's made with soft and flexible bristles. Choose from a sponge, scrubber, ball, or round brush attachment to customize your cleaning.

"It made a sweaty, tough job almost effortless," wrote one five-star reviewer. "It was done in 15 minutes, and I couldn't believe I'd covered the whole shower so quickly."

Beblau Slim Office Organizer

Amazon Home Goods

Keep your work-from-home gear in one spot using the organizer that slides atop laptops, tablets, or other larger electronic devices. It stores everything from chargers to pencils, and barely takes up any extra space in the process.

"This product is a life saver for a teacher on the go," wrote one fan. "I use it for my iPad Pro and my school-issued laptop. I no longer drop things as I move place to place! Just the basics will fit, pen, cards, small writing tablet."

TubShroom Drain Protector

Amazon Home Goods

Prevent your pipes from clogging by placing this $14 gizmo over your drain. The mildew- and rust-resistant protector catches hair without changing the appearance of your shower or bath.

"This tubshroom has saved me from having to clean out my drain on a weekly basis," explained one reviewer. "This has improved my life so much in terms of keeping a clean bathtub."

Make Lemonade Halo Air Purifier

Amazon Home Goods

You'll be able to take a deep breath of fresh air once you put this air purifier to use. It captures up to 99.97 percent of airborne particles like dust, smoke, and allergens, according to the brand. The automatic shut-off options are an added bonus for when you're not home.

"You could search far and wide looking for the perfect purifier, but why do that when it's right here?" exclaimed one five-star reviewer. "Works amazingly and I noticed a difference in air quality within hours. Isn't loud and produces the perfect ambient background noise, along with having a relatively small profile so it fits just about anywhere!"

Trifo Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Amazon Home Goods

Quit switching cleaners when going between floor surfaces and stick to one vacuum that does all of the work for you. On sale for $200, the Trifo is much more affordable than Roombas or other smart vacs, and it comes with a similar 90-minute runtime, wi-fi connectivity, and HEPA filter. Pet owners and full-time workers especially are fans of this device.

"I end up so busy with work and life that I don't get to sweeping as often as it's needed, so now this does all the work," explained one five-star reviewer. "I turn it on in the morning when I'm showering and getting ready for work."

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