These cleaning products are quirky but absolutely essential.

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated October 29, 2018
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When it comes to finding the best gadgets you never knew you needed in your life, Amazon wins hands-down. The online retailer is full of quirky products that you probably wouldn't think to add to your virtual shopping cart, but after reading hundreds of rave reviews about how these products are truly life-changing, well, it's hard not to press "Add to Order." In search of game-changing cleaning products Amazon shoppers swear by, we rounded up 7 tools you probably haven't heard of, but that have gained a cult following. Plus, each one costs less than $10 so you can afford to test out a few.


A Cutlery Cleaner

We all know that we're not supposed to put our good knives in the dishwasher, but washing them by hand can be dangerous—for both your hands and your kitchen sponges. Luckily, this clever cutlery washer is designed to protect your hand, while the bristles wipe the blade clean. Not only does this tool make cleaning easier, but it could also make you a more adventurous cook. "I have a large variety of knives and this really gets me to use them more because it makes cleaning and maintenance really simple," one reviewer explains. 

To buy: $7,


A Handy Funnel for Detergent and Dish Soap

We've all been there: You're refilling a soap pump with the last drops of your hand soap refill, but it's taking so long it feels like you're watching paint dry. With this handy funnel gadget you'll never have to deal with this time-consuming chore again. Next time, attach each container to the funnel using the clips, then set it aside and let gravity work its magic. With more than 500 5-star reviews, you can be sure this handy gadget really works. 

To buy: $10,


Odor-Removing Stainless Steel Soap

After cleaning with harsh chemicals, chopping an onion, or peeling garlic, your hands can hold on to the odor for hours. To cut through the smell quickly, wash up with this stainless steel soap. You can use it with or without water, and the reviewers assure us it works either way. 

To buy: $9,


Stink-Free Dishcloths

If you're used to washing up with luxe woven dishcloths or cushioned sponges, these thin, semi-translucent cloths will feel like a strange alternative. But they promise to be odor-free, dry in just 15 minutes, and harbor less germs than the traditional sponge. According to reviewers, they take a little getting used to, but they're great at scrubbing pans and last forever. 

To buy: $8 for 4,


A Tiny Electronics-Cleaning Brush

Soft bristles on one side and an angled silicone wiper on the other, this gadget was designed for micro-cleaning. It sweeps crumbs from your keyboard and cleans grimy crevices on your phone. According to reviewers, this tool is even better than compressed air at cleaning keyboards. 

To buy: $5,


A Fur-Collecting Bar

Amazon shoppers with pets swear by this fur-collecting bar. The next time you don't want to pull out the vacuum cleaning, just swipe this bar over furniture or car seats to gather the fur in one spot. And according to reviewers, this bar does just what it claims. "Holy cow this is magic," one reviewer writes. "I have a 230 pound Mastiff. I have purchased any and everything claiming to get dog hair off car carpet. I have used at least 3 different vacuums and attachments ... Then this piece of magic arrived. It gets every single hair no matter how embedded." 

To buy: $9,


The Multi-Tasking 'Lil Chizler

At Real Simple, our editors have been using the 'Lil Chizler for years to scrape cooked-on food off of pans and to clean gunk in between kitchen tiles. Although it was originally intended to scrap ice off of windshields, there are endless ways to use this handy little tool for cleaning around the house. Put it to work on that gunk around your kitchen sink, and keep one on hand for removing stickers. 

To buy: $4;