The site that offers excellent deals on vintage and used furniture now has a line of affordable art that starts at $99.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated February 26, 2018
Pink wall art hanging in a hallway
| Credit: Courtesy of Chairish

You may already turn to this vintage and used furniture and décor site (and app!) for great deals on designer and antique finds for the home, but now Chairish is offering another excellent service for design lovers on a budget: affordable artwork.

The new Chairish Print Shop offers prints from the site’s best-selling artists in a range of sizes. The prints are as small as 11 inches on their longest side but can be more than 60 inches on the longest side—large enough to turn any blank wall into a full-fledged gallery. And because every print arrives framed (with free shipping!), you don’t need to postpone hanging your new buy while you search for the perfect frame.

The artworks depict everything from realistic fruit to abstract portraits to colorful geometrics. (Pictured above: Large “Coral Pool” by Kate Roebuck, 43” x 33”.) The variety in subject, color, style, and shape offers savvy shoppers endless opportunity for customization, whether they’re looking to start a new gallery wall, fill gaps in an existing art collection, or introduce change into their home without spending a fortune: Prices start at $99 and go as high as $875 for a large piece, but most cost less than $300.

And those concerned with having the same décor as everyone else on the block can rest easy knowing these prints aren’t available in limitless quantities. They’re not one-of-a-kind pieces, but they do have finite availability, meaning they won’t become a piece you’ll see all over Instagram.

To make the shopping process a breeze, Chairish has an incredibly user-friendly search tool that allows you to filter prints by price, size, style, color, and orientation. You can even search for pairs and sets, so keeping your walls cohesive (if that’s the look you’re going for) is as simple as the click of a button (literally).