Because the ugly cat tree was in desperate need of an upgrade. 

By Katie Holdefehr
September 20, 2018

When you think about cat furniture, the classic cat tree probably comes to mind—you know, the one ubiquitous at Petco locations and the living rooms of cat owners everywhere. With a dingy-looking cat tree and a plastic litter box lurking in the corner, the standard cat furniture leaves much to be desired in the style department. Luckily, one company has set out to change all that: Introducing Tuft & Paw, a cat furniture company that's making pet accessories seriously chic. 

The company's wares are so stylish, in fact, that the editors at Racked are deeming Tuft & Paw "the West Elm of cat furniture." And after taking a peek at the collection of minimalist scratching posts and, dare we say it, elegant litter boxes, we have to agree. Of course, all of this good design comes at a cost—the prices are steeper than Petco's, but these investment pieces will blend in seamlessly with (and maybe even elevate) the rest of your furniture. 

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