It’s soft, yet firm, at the same time.

By Katie Holdefehr
August 16, 2017

This spring, we were excited to learn that Casper, a popular direct-to-consumer mattress brand, was coming to Target stores, and now the company’s newly released Wave mattress is giving us one more reason to want to sleep-test these innovative products. Designed in Casper’s product lab in San Francisco and assembled in the U.S., the freshly launched mattress was created to conform to the shape of your body, supporting it at 36 specific points. Contouring under the shoulders relieves pressure, while reinforced polymer provides more support for the back and hips. For those with chronic back pain, this soft-yet-firm mattress could be a game-changer.

While the firm core was created with ergonomics in mind, the plush top layer of this five-layer mattress is all about softness. Upon first impression, the mattress is remarkably soft and feels velvety, but the dreamy top layer seems to melt away as you lie on it, so the supportive layers underneath are put to work. All of these layers make the new Wave mattress 1.5 inches taller than the company’s original mattress, ensuring that the bed will be the focal point of the room.

While the new mattress promises a more high-end sleep experience than the original, it also comes at a high-end price. The twin mattress starts at $1,000, the queen size is $1,850, and the king size is $2,250. This luxe mattress is an investment, but is there anything more priceless than a good night’s sleep?