Carson Kressley and Thom Filicia from the original Queer Eye series have a new show, Get a Room with Carson & Thom, debuting this week. After renovating a series of homes together, they’re revealing their best renovation tips to save you time and money.

By Tamara Kraus
Updated October 16, 2018
Carson Kressley Thom Filicia
Credit: Greg Endries/Bravo

If you’ve been glued to the reboot of Queer Eye (who isn't?), then you'll want to catch the latest show featuring two of the original cast members, fashion expert Carson Kressley and interior design guru Thom Filicia. In Get a Room with Carson & Thom, Filicia takes Kressley under his wing as they tackle home renovations with budgets small and large in each episode. Expect the same hilarious antics from the dynamic duo with plenty of inspiring design tips weaved throughout. To hold you over until the premiere on Friday, October 19, on Bravo, here are five design tips straight from Kressley and Filicia to guide you through your next renovation, re-design, or mini home makeover.

Carson Kressley Thom Filicia
Credit: Greg Endries/Bravo

Use Technology to Organize Your Samples By Room

While fashion and interior design often go hand-in-hand, Kressley certainly picked up a few new tricks along the way. The biggest lesson he wasn’t expecting? You can never plan too much. Filicia suggests using a tool like Google Sheets to organize your samples by room so you can visualize the spaces and track your inventory with your entire team or household.

Invest In Things You Touch Everyday

Renovations take a heavy lift on your back and your wallet, but you can save money in certain areas. Kressley suggests investing top dollar into items that you use or touch everyday, such as your faucets, appliances, and sofa. On the flip side, pick up accessories from discount stores such as Home Goods or your flea market since you’ll most likely want to swap out pillows, small rugs, and art when you're in the mood for a change.

Include a Dimmer Switch In Every Room

You never know when you'll want to “switch” things up lighting-wise. Kressley says it’s a must to have dimmable lights in every room to change up the ambiance, as well as prepare your body (and your brain) for daytime and nighttime.

Add a Personal Touch To Every Room

While the duo relied on brands such as Wayfair and Overstock to shop for larger quantities of items, Filicia says to look at your local flea market, antique store, or even other areas of your home for unique, personal touches to add to the space you're flipping.

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Compare Samples Before Committing

Call in a sample of every curtain, sofa, and flooring that you can before you say "I do" to them, says Filicia. That way, you can compare them in person before you commit to the real deal.