It’s the grown-up, sophisticated version of building forts with old appliance boxes (sort of).

By Lauren Phillips
Updated May 17, 2018

If you move often, live in a small space, or simply have a penchant for regularly redecorating your space, you’re likely very aware of all the furnishings you have in your home—and how difficult it will be to move or get rid of them when the time comes.

Companies such as IKEA—the furniture-industry peers of fast fashion brands like Zara and H&M—have made relatively low-cost furniture that is typically easily broken down and moved mainstream. While they’re easy to obtain and aesthetically attractive, these pieces of furniture are often purchased to fill a space and then tossed when it’s time to move, usually into landfills.

Enter BOOP.

The name is an (adorable) acronym for Built Out Of Paper, and it embodies BOOP’s goal: to produce pleasant-looking home furnishings made entirely of recyclable paper products. Per the website, “BOOP was born from the idea of making temporary furniture better suited to our modern lifestyles.” BOOP’s furniture is intended to be temporary, easily built, and easily disposed of, sans major environmental toll.

The young company has just released its first line of furniture—BOOP Bookcases made of corrugated cardboard. The cardboard can be recycled with other standard paper products, and it’s made from recycled materials in the U.S.

It's strong, too. The bookcases (available in six varieties, distinguished by colored backing with names such as pink elephant and lemonade) can hold up to 25 pounds per shelf, though the constructed shelving weighs just nine pounds. The top of the case is water-resistant, too, so you needn’t worry about accidentally setting a glass of water down and ruining it.

At just more than three feet tall, the bookcases are small enough to fit unobtrusively in any space, and they’re pretty enough that no one will guess they’re cardboard. And at just $56 per case ($50 for the nude, which has no colored backing), you won’t feel too terrible about tossing the case when it’s time to move. (It will be recycled, after all.)

Is truly temporary furniture the next big thing for home design? Only time will tell—but in the meantime, BOOP is a clever, environmentally friendly way to test the trend out early.