You can now have your favorite bathroom towel at the beach.

By Tamara Kraus
Updated June 18, 2018
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Brooklinen Beach Towel
Credit: Brooklinen

If you thought Turkish towels made your bathroom feel like the most luxurious spa, just wait until you get your hands on these  incredibly soft Hammam towels, made of Turkish cotton, from Brooklinen. You’ll feel like you’re on the most exotic beach vacation in no time when you lay on one of these dreamy towels poolside.

The luxe towels ($65, come in three striped colors (a steal if you’ve seen how pricey Turkish cotton can be!). And like all of Brooklinen’s quality items, they're free of harmful chemicals, so you can take that much-needed beachside nap with a clear mind.

So what exactly makes this type of cotton so much more luxurious than just regular cotton? Not only is it more durable, it’s ultra absorbent and quick-drying so you don’t have to sit on a wet beach towel the entire day. And that’s not the best part—these particular cotton beauties are dual sided with terry material on one side and smooth Hammam on the other. They’re also big enough to share so your friend doesn’t have to waste space in their beach bag with an extra towel.

You’re undoubtedly going to feel the urge to use this lightweight towel in the bathroom, too, since it’s so huggable. What’s not to love?