Finally, an easy way to keep your packages safe on your doorstep.

By Tamara Kraus
March 07, 2018

While online shopping has saved us so much time commuting to stores to purchase items, it’s also posed a security risk with so many thieves snatching up packages from doorsteps. But now, that’s a worry of the past with the genius new BoxLock tool.

The smart padlock only opens when a package is scanned that is out for delivery. Once the delivery driver scans the package with their mobile device, the lock opens so the driver can simply place the package in a locked box of your choice. Then the homeowner will receive an automatic notification that the package has been delivered in the box. Bonus: the driver doesn’t need special software, and the device works with all major shipping carriers. BoxLock features an easy setup process through a free mobile app, so the only other thing you have to worry about is getting a stylish box to hide your packages in.

While some services offer a way for drivers to enter your home, it may leave you a little uneasy knowing a stranger has access to your most prized possessions. So this smart device creates a happy medium where everyone can rest easy at night—and stay calm during the day until they get home.

This is the first Internet-connected padlock that safely ensures that your package is safe and sound until you get home. Priced at $129 (, it may be an investment, but it will save you time and money when you never have to deal with a stolen package again.