I've Had These Virtually Unbreakable Drinking Glasses for 5 Years, and You Can Get 12 for $20 Now

They’re the “best secret on Amazon,” according to an interior designer.

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Bormioli Rocco Essential Decor Glassware
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Over the years, I've watched my precious set of fragile, pink-tinted tumblers brought back from a French market be decimated by clumsy elbows. I've mourned as the last of a pair of delicate Mexico City-hailing mezcaleros went from chipped to shattered on the floor. And I've learned that no matter what happens to these vintage green-stemmed Luminarcs, I can always re-up with a fresh set from eBay or Etsy, where they are abundant. But through all my breakage and heartache, one original set of glassware refused to give up.

I purchased Bormioli Rocco's mini and maxi-sized Bodega Collection glasses five years ago at the recommendation of an interior designer who called them "the best secret on Amazon." I have to say, I agree. Their simple, minimalist shape is perfectly uninvolved, providing a smart-looking backdrop to whatever is poured inside. The 17-ounce maxi is just the right size for a quenchable drink of water, power smoothie, or a cold brew on ice. The 7.5-ounce mini is equally versatile, but my favorite use for them is pouring a glass of 5 p.m. tempranillo and imagining myself at a buzzy vinoteca.

Bormioli Rocco Essential Decor Glassware, Set of 12 Mini 7.5-Ounce Drinking Glasses

Bormioli Rocco Essential Decor Glassware

To buy: $20 (was $25); amazon.com

Despite my affinity for collecting glassware, these universal sets get by far the most use. They are in constant rotation around the house, where they've brushed off countless fumbles onto the hardwood and slippery handwashes in the porcelain sink. In the five years that I've had them, only one or two didn't make it, which must be some kind of a record. You would think glasses this resilient would be heavy and bulky, but the Bormiolis are actually quite light and elegant. Their slightly angled mouth and smooth exterior make them easy to handle and clean, plus, to the delight of my limited cupboard space, they are stackable, too.

While the glasses' everyday low price made them instantly buy-worthy five years ago, an Amazon Prime Day deal happening today brings them down even further: the minis to just under $20 for a set of 12, and the maxis to $25 for a set of 12. If I didn't still have an entire set already, I'd be tempted to add them to my cart all over again.

Amazon Prime Day is wrapping up tonight, and there's no telling how long this set will be in stock. Shop the versatile and affordable glassware that simply refuses to break.

Bormioli Rocco Bodega Collection Glassware, Set of 12 Maxi 17-Ounce Drinking Glasses

Bormioli Rocco Bodega Collection Glassware

To buy: $25 (was $34); amazon.com

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