This is the secret to cleaning one of the trickiest spots around the house. 

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated October 02, 2018
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Blue microfiber blind cleaning brush
Credit: Amazon

This summer, I ordered an assorted set of bottle brushes off of Amazon. Two days later, bottle brushes in every size imaginable arrived, in addition to one surprise item I hadn't expected to make it into the mix: a blinds-cleaning brush. At first glance, I couldn't figure out what it was—it looked like a tong, but with three blades, each covered in plush microfiber cloth. But a minute late (and a quick Google session to confirm), I was the owner of a blinds duster. It was a role I fell into by chance, but it was about to change how I clean blinds forever.

Before the discovery of the dedicated blinds duster, I was cleaning my apartment's blinds the old-fashioned way, with a paper towel or microfiber cloth, painstakingly wiping panel by panel. It worked, but it was time-consuming. But when the blinds duster (similar to this $9 option, came into my life, the process became so much easier. Low-tech yet genius, the three blades of the duster are all connected to a single handle, so you can clean the top and bottle of two blinds with one swipe. Instead of wiping panel by panel, the entire chore can be finished in about ten swipes.

Besides just making dusting much faster, it also makes it less wasteful. Instead of going through paper towels, the removable microfiber cloth at the end of the duster collects the dust and grime. The duster set comes with five replaceable cloths, and they can be cleaned in the washing machine any time they need a refresh.

After taking a look at the reviews for this magical duster, it turns out I'm not the only person who's amazed with how much this simple gadget speeds up dusting. It's so good in fact, that one professional cleaner even took the time to comment: "I've enjoyed cleaning houses and offices professionally for over 20 years, in order to be able to arrange my schedule around my kids' schedules. Cleaning blinds is not always easy. I debated and debated what to buy, to try to make the process a bit easier. Within 5 minutes of using the Hiware window cleaner duster brush, I was almost doing cartwheels- This Product Really Works." Want to shave some minutes off of your cleaning routine? This under-$10 gadget does the trick.